“Know Thyself”

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of our existence?
What is life all about?


Who are we (humans)?
What are we here for?

If you have questioned these issues and desire to know more, please start by knowing yourself.

Embark upon this wonderful journey of self-discovery and self-observation.

Discover the Enneagram personality profiles and deep insights into one’s tendencies and psychological songs.

You may be surprise to find out that these mechanical personality traits control most of our unconscious behaviors and instinctual drives.

The Enneagram is a vast and profound system for learning about yourself and others.

” We must always remember that the primary use for the Enneagram is for self-discovery and personal growth. The Enneagram helps bring to light what was formerly hidden from us—to “make the unconscious conscious,” as Freud put it. From a spiritual perspective, the purpose of the Enneagram is to point out to us the patterns of distortions and illusions that we mistakenly take to be ourselves. It is a tool for self-realization and self- actualization—for clarifying our psyche so that it can be given up in a surrender to the Divine.”  The Enneagram Institute 


So, what type are you? 




To start your journey, you will need to identify your type, so try this free personality test below.


To learn more about the practical applications of the Enneagram please visit the EI website HERE.

“Man know thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and God.” Pythagoras

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