The New Man: Awakening from Collective Unconsciousness

When I was still in school, there was a chapter in my business communication textbook called “Breaking the Bad News.” This concept somehow has always been a challenging topic for me.

The chapter described the various methods that companies have developed to deliver bad news in a direct manner without getting into trouble.  Today, I am presented with the task of breaking the bad news of the current state of human psychological and spiritual development. Since this is a sensitive topic for most people and not an easy task for me, please keep that in mind as you go through some of these points.

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I suggest you to read it with an open mind and allow these ideas to sink in slowly and start to work on the methods of addressing the issues below. Please leave comments and questions below in a conjunct effort to get to the bottom of these issues.


  • We are asleep –  We are not aware of our true nature. Most of us are being controlled by preconceived parental, societal and religious beliefs. We lost touch with our divine nature. Our divine nature is not based on religion. Religion means to “religare” to reconnect with the Source of all life. The main point of religion is for us to love each other and selflessly give our energy and time to those who need it (independent of which religion they belong to) and for us to ultimately realize that we are one and the same. Independent of color, creed, or social status, we are all brothers and sisters. We all belong to the human race. Every other perceived difference is an illusion created by our egos which society permeates in order to “divide and conquer”. Humanity unite! Are you still with me? Nobody likes to hear that, but we have to humble ourselves and be brave to take a good look at our psychological state and our behaviors. Usually, only when people are broken and hit a wall is when they become humble enough to look at themselves and truly change. Are you tired of being your old self? Have you suffered enough? Have you had enough repetitive patterns of suffering to realize there is no way around it. Wherever you go, there you are.

Religion that separates, judges and labels other fellow humans is not serving its purpose.

We like to think we are in control, but the truth is – we are NOT.

Humanity is and has always been in a state of deep unconsciousness.

  • We are prisoners of our own minds – Most people do not take the time to realize that our thoughts have power. Unfortunately, our internal dialogue is quite negative and toxically prejudicial to our emotional and physical health. People are meant to be happy. Look around, what you see is a lot of angry and grumpy people. We see a mob of exhausted people carrying a lot of hurt and pain – living in the past. We need to occupy the present and stop to recreate our reality. We must give up our ego demands and invest in more meaningful lives.


We must move away from our analytical minds and occupy our hearts.

Others so anxious and stressed out – living in the future.

People work themselves to death to keep up with current technologies and the like.

Thoughts are energy and they affect our words, actions, character and destiny.

  • We are being  heavily programmed  – We are being programmed or conditioned to be and stay asleep.  Our values have been decimated by the media and the entertainment industry. Materialism promises people happiness that it never delivers; therefore even highly successful people are often miserable involved in drugs and alcoholism and may even commit suicide.

We have been deceived and a lot of what we were taught in school and by the media are flat out lies. Don’t buy into the news and their agenda. The media is NOT neutral like most people think.  All the media outlets are owned and controlled by an oligarchy that has their own interests above providing actual neutral and informative content.

Our food and water is heavily contaminated with pesticides, hormones, insecticides, and fluoride keeping people sick and lethargic. Our schools provide the worst type of nutrition to our kids. Then, come home to watch TV, which mostly advertises fast food and sugary treats in-between cartoons. It’s no wonder we have an childhood obesity epidemic. My point is that what we eat and drink affects our body, which affects our energy and can block us from connecting with our spirit (see below How Toxins Harm your Energy.)

The world is being ruled by ego, as opposed to our spiritual essence.

In other words, matter over spirit. That is what Jesus meant when he said “I am not of this world,” simply because he didn’t subscribe to material things over his spirituality.

Greed, pride and lust are the real enemies.


To become happier, healthier and more conscious humans, we need to change and let go of many things. We need to have an open mind and an open heart. Moving away from the intellect allow us to develop our true self.

Are you willing to change and go against the norm? Are you a leader or a follower?

Dare to be different. Stop complaining and do something to improve your life today.

Here are some suggestions for you to start the process.

  1. Learn to meditate – to manage your thoughts
  2. Drink more water
  3. Eat healthy organic, plant-based foods – stay clear from eating animals
  4. Do not touch cigarettes, alcohol or drugs
  5. Do not complain or gossip – to manage your words
  6. Shut down your TV set
  7. Connect with nature
  8. Exercise  often
  9. Ask questions – be a seeker
  10. Give – do as many random acts of kindness as you are can

You may have to let go of some things and embrace others.

As a final note, I will leave you with this excellent video from Eckhart Tolle on silencing the mind.


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How Toxins Harm your Energy

Meditation and Awakening

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4 thoughts on “The New Man: Awakening from Collective Unconsciousness

  1. R u talking about the concept of “I am” create your own doubt…enlightenment..consciousness of every move…”I am….my vision..I am a leader..destined for bigger things..I am awake…just woke up 2 months ago..I am destined to hear you and learn…change…I am strong.. I am. Question..correct? I am…..


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