World Of Truth – part 3

World of Truth

Parental Advisory

Peace and love to everyone and welcome back to the show! I would first like to give a warning, there will be many pictures of extra terrestrials through out this issue. There will be many pictures of benevolent “light” and malevolent “dark” beings from other solar systems throughout our galaxy. There isn’t any violence or negative material. This issue is made to bring light to the fact that ET life is indeed real and not a threat to earth or humanity. In fact, they are our protectors and our secret weapon.
I AM’s Crystal ship named “Ascension”

Beep! “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is your captain I AM speaking. I’d like to welcome you back to the realm of truth. You have just entered onboard my crystal spacecraft . If I could ask you to please leave your fear, doubt, and ego at the door. You won’t be needing them. We are going to just observe today. So please, sit back and get comfortable. Allow the chairs to mold themselves to fit your form. Since my ship is built and protected by a very powerful type of crystal found only in the Andromeda galaxy, the closest galaxy to our own Milky-way. The glass is actually all crystal and can absorb energies naturally from the atmosphere. The absorbed energy can then be used for gas or even a defensive device. Therefore, the clear crystal walls are not a problem. In fact, it allows for optimal viewing. I promise you, in my ship, you have nothing to fear. Once again, we thank you for joining us on our tour of our galaxy today, on my beautiful ship “Ascension.” I sure hope you enjoy your adventure here today.”
As I said before, there are many forms of beings with the same or higher level of consciousness than humans. Today, I will talk about the main groups of beings that are granted consciousness at a human level. We will go over some specific levels of consciousness and the beings associated with them.
I AM – “Please notice the colorful marble floating in front of you. It is a hologram projector. It will be projecting some images that we won’t be able to see on the physical plain. It’s powering up lets see who’s first.”


First souls created

Last week, we learned how the Creator divided himself up into individual souls, so he could experience the creation through the eyes of his souls. The first group of souls the Creator started with are what we call “angels”. They are the most loving, peaceful and evolved species in creation. These beings can come to you in whatever form you think an angel should be. Angels have no gender, they have both masculine and feminine qualities. Every new soul is assigned one guardian angel. Through every life experience, the angel is there to keep the soul safe and make sure they experience everything they want to experience. Angels have the ability to look into the future and go back to the past. They can see you get hit by a car in the future and then go back and make you leave the curb one second later in the present. That way, the car barely misses you. They let you experience close calls like that, so it seems like a miracle. With the hope it will get you to think about what happened, how close it was, and of course, to get you to be more careful.
Fully conscious beings

If you look down you will see a green planet, it seems to have rivers and lakes, but I don’t see any oceans. Just mountains, forests and jungles. I will turn on the ship’s magnifier so we can get a closer look. This is what we meant when we said “at a certain point every species of every kind will be asked by a higher evolved species if they wanted to be given full consciousness.” The species here seem to be very peaceful. How beautiful it is to see all of those different species working together. They live with their planet. Notice the floating islands in the foreground. Only a fully conscious being can create landscapes like that. The mountains of red and blue trees to the right, gives great contrast to the green jungles. This planet is truly at peace with itself. When your ready look at your marble projector”

That is a dinosaur before and after it is granted full consciousness


Horse with full consciousness

image (1)

Bear Fully Conscious


Lizard Fully Conscious


Cat Fully Conscious


This is the same for all specie types through out the Creation. Weather it be insects, rodents, reptiles, dinosaurs, animals, marine life, and bird life.

Fully conscious/Ascended Beings Attributes

Fully conscious and ascended beings live in the 4th dimension and higher. With full consciousness, a being has the ability to change their form and appearance to their preference. They do not have egos, don’t get sick and can heal themselves, if they get injured. Fully conscious beings can create peaceful loving civilizations and create new ways of living for their species. They are able to think rationally and are highly intelligent. They are aware of creation and have direct connection with the Creator. With full consciousness, they will be free to travel the universe to find a perfect planet or planets to fit all their needs. Since the Creator knows the future of all his creations he designs planets special for each one.

Fully conscious beings are able to travel in their light bodies – spirit. They can take whatever form they want when traveling. Some use orbs or clouds to travel close distances. For long distances, they can all just think of the place they want to be in and they are there. Have you ever wondered why some UFOs are metal “nuts and bolts” and some are just glowing orbs of light? It’s because metal mechanical ships are made by hand, by beings with limited consciousness, like humans. The glowing orbs are actually the energy of a fully conscious beings spirit.

Although certain types of metal are used by the higher dimensions to make large motherships which can vary in size. These larger ships can be short as 3 miles long or as long as the size of our moon or even Earth. At these sizes from a distance, they look simply like another star. The motherships can usually hold landmasses like forests and oceans. This is because the beings that design these motherships usually stay in them for large periods of time. Naturally, they like their ships to remind them of their home planets.

image_3image_26image_4image (3)

Then there are some mother ships that are created by merging the energy of a group of fully conscious beings. This will appear in the form of a cloud sometimes or a star.

050image_20 image_19 image_18 image image_1 image_2 image_3 - Copy image_4 image_5 image_6 - Copy image_7 - Copy image_8 - Copy image_9 - Copy image_10 image_11 image_12   image_14 image_15 image_17

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are humans like Jesus Christ “Sananda”, Gandhi, Saint Germaine and Buddha amongst many others. They were able to learn how to be galactic beings in their lifetime here on earth by raising themselves in dimensions. This is done by raising a persons energies, vibrations and frequencies. It’s done by gaining knowledge and changing their habits and beliefs by living as an angel in the physical realm.


Ascended Beings

“Notice that planet ahead of us. You can actually see the light from all the energy on the planet. According to my tests, this planet lives in the 9th dimension. Its frequency, vibration and energy is too high for us to get any closer as we are. I will use the powers of my crystal ship to counter the energy and mirror it so we can safely enter the atmosphere and see the life around. The beings themselves actually have an energy (aura) surrounding them that is visible to the naked eye. Notice the plant and animal life. They are all able to communicate with each other and the ascended beings inhabiting the planet. The ascended beings are creating new species and seeing how they do in this environment. They all live together in peace. Look at that group of ascended beings, it looks like they are creating some sort of crystal tower. The circle they are sitting in will combine their energies to manifest this magnificent structure.”

Ascended beings are any species that graduated from the lower 3rd dimensions and moved up to the higher ones. When they master their newly acquired powers or help others master ther powers, they could move to the 4th- 12th dimensions. Not as an ascended master, because that would imply they would have ascended from Earth. These beings ascend from wha ever planet they learned all there lessons on. It is close to a fully conscious being, except they live in the higher dimensions and their energies and powers are much stronger and they only know how to be peaceful and loving. See: “fully conscious beings.”


Extra terrestrial life

ET’s are generally considered to be the beings that live in the lower 3 dimensions with humans. They have limited consciousness and are pretty much on the same boat as humans, except they have been around longer. They have to build all there buildings, they go to school and have religions. They build all there ships and pilot them too. They have governments and use money. Some have discovered advanced technology and use it for good and some use it for bad.

172 075image image (2) image_25 image_24 image_23 image_22 image_21 image_15 image_14  image_12 image_11 image_6 image_5image_3     image_26 image_25image_23image_19  image_16  image_14 image_13 image_12 image_11  image_8  image_5 image_4 image_3image_1imageimage

A brief recap

Last week we explained how Creation took place and how a soul live its life as a extension of the Creator/Creation to gain knowledge through experience. We also took a quick trip through all the dimensions and its levels. We stopped when we got to the dark forces. Let’s go back and take a look.
Origin of the Dark Forces

As we said last week, at a certain point the Creator realized he wasn’t learning as much or as quickly anymore. Since everything up to this point was positive, happy and fun, there was not much happening in the way of technological growth, medical advances and uniting of souls. So after much thought, the Creator decided to create an evil being named Anchara. This being would be given power of creation so that he could form an army of evil species with limited consciousness. He was to be the ruler of the “dark forces”and was given freedom to cause as much trouble as they could for a certain amount of time. Creator said “you can do this until the day comes when I say stop and you will stop.” The battle between light and dark will end, when the battle is over the dark forces will stop their reign of terror and join the light forces and with that, an even stronger and more powerful light/love will be created.

Anchara immediately started creating his dark minions. There were thousands of species created with all different types of powers and abilities. All with hate and anger in their hearts and a deep understanding in the ways of manipulation, warring, tyranny and separation – divide and conquer mentality. They were dispersed into many different areas of our galaxy. Now, the physical beings with consciousness were forced to invent and discover new ways of doing things. They formed an alliance between the nearby star nations. They worked together to create technologies to defend themselves against these dark forces.


Dark Forces

“Can anyone make out that planet over there on the left? Let’s get a bit closer. Notice how there is life and activity. The planet does have a sun, but the light doesn’t seem to be able to reach it. It seems to be a very dark and shady planet but there are no trees to shade it. The buildings are very sketchy and you can tell the are man-made. Most likely, they were built by slaves. Look! We can see some of its inhabitants now. Don’t worry, my ship is cloaked, so all they see are clouds. Since we don’t want to get any closer, I will bring some images captured by my scout orbs. Where there is dark/evil the “light” is very dim, but the “light” is always present.”

photoimage_15image_6image_7 image_27image_2image_21image_22

image_24image_2image_16image_4image_8 image_7image_13 image_10 image_9image_24image_1

image_10 image_9image_18 image_17

Galactic Federation of Light

After a few million years of getting destroyed by these dark forces. The light forces created the Galactic Federation of Light to counter the dark strikes on their people. The Galactic Federation of Light is now considered the guardians of the universe. They are all fully conscious beings that protect the entire universe. They have an endless amount of the most advanced technology. They stop the dark forces from taking over our planet. They also involved in cleaning our atmosphere and oceans.

Eventually, both sides started to evolve and grow at a very fast pace. They created ships and found ways to travel across the universes. Many battles were fought. There were many deaths. In spite of these tragedies, a lot of growth was taking place and that was served a purpose. At a certain point, the Creator ordered Archara to stop his creations from attacking the light forces ever again. With no hesitation, Anchara ordered all his creations to stop, but there were a few that refused and “secretly” made plans of their own. Let’s stop here for now. We will revisit this on the next issue in the section about the Earth’s history.

Laws of Creation

Yes, the Creator has established various laws for all living beings within his creation, as well as laws for making the universe work for you and against you. All beings that live in the 5th dimension and higher follow these laws.

The Laws of Creation

#1- You exist. (I AM)
If you exist now, your existence is eternal: You have always existed and you always will exist. You may change form, but you are existing always.

#2 All is one, and the One is all.
We are all part of the creator so we are all inter-connected. Everything is truly just one being… The Creator.

#3 What you put out is what you get back.
Physical reality is actually a mirror: Your physical reality is just a reflection of what you most strongly believe to be true. And like a mirror, physical reality will not change unless you change first. Think positive and positive comes, think negative and negative things will always happen.

#4 The only constant in the universe is change. Everything is constantly evolving and changing.

With these 4 laws a civilization can live in peace and harmony. If you know you are part of this greater picture, You will love your self more because you know we are all parts of the creator. A being would not want to hurt anything or anyone, quite the opposite in fact. They would be loving to every creature in creation and help nurture and care for them. All with no need for payment or gratitude. Just out if pure love for ones family.
Laws of the universe

There are over 100 of these laws, here are some of them. All the laws of the universe can be used by every human to change all aspects of their current reality. If you learn to use the laws, you can create heaven on Earth – that is what is meant by “Thy will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

1. The law of the divine oneness
2. Law of vibrations
3. Law of action
4. Law of correspondence
5. Law of cause and affect
6. Law of compensation
7. Law of attraction
8. Law of perpetual transmutation of energy
9. Law of relativity
10. Law of polarity
11. Law of rhythm
12. Law of non interference.

That last one, the law of non interference is another reason ET’s and higher dimensional beings can’t come out and say “greetings we are here, so deal with it”. They are bound by this law and unless we ask them to, they have to keep away from us or any other species. This law means that no race has the right to interfere with the evolution of another race.
“Ladies and gentleman, thank you for joining us on our tour of the Milky Way galaxy. I hope you enjoyed experiencing life on other planets, and soaking in a little bit of the out-of-this-world culture. I sure had a wonderful time. If you notice the magnificent color show the ship is giving us now. This is the ship’s way of saying it had a wonderful time too. Please feel free to leave your fear, doubt and ego at the door and I AM will deal with them. Peace and love.”
Next Sunday

Next week, I AM will be presenting you the history of Earth and Earth humans. Next week, will also be our last article dealing with the history of creation and humans. The next group of articles will talk about what is happening to fix the problems we see in our everyday lives such the emminebt return to common law in America and “The Event” that will change the world forever. Thank you for your time. Peace and love to you all.


Truth about Heaven and the universe

Russian book of alien races!! remember the dark forces do not tell the truth . they have there agenda and they stick to it. this book should just be used as a reference.


“My first contact” by Sheldon Nidle

“Our galactic neighbors” by Sheldon Nidle
Both great books if you are ready to make contact.

NASA prepare for disclosure

Galactic federation cleaning oceans?
Laws of universe

Light ships

Laws of creation

ET’s with black eyes

4 thoughts on “World Of Truth – part 3

  1. Thank you……at 53 …my journey has been beautiful,and confusing!in all ways I hv known my connection to everything.i found life harsh,and people crude.but love them regardless.i am now trying to understand physical pain,and how to make it stop.what am I suppose to learn from suffering?


    1. Pain an suffering can be caused by many things, poor diet, spiritual neglect, by karma from this life or the last. It could also be from resistancing what your heart telling you. Everyone chooses there experiences. I know with a limited consciousness and understanding we can’t see the bigger picture. But there is one. We are here to experience. Everyone has to learn there lessons but in different ways since we are all different. This was the intention. The bodies natural state is healty, and it will show pain when you are not living right.


    2. I was able to heal my knees and lose my asthma in 20 mins. After 15 years of pains and emergency room visits. Just by positive visualization. Think of a very happy thought and let it play out in your head. If done right your heart will release a burst of energy. If you can keep a positive visualization the energy from your heart will travel to where ever your pain is. And heal it…. Also marijuana helps. Haha suffering will teach you to take care of your self. Your body tells you when you are not taking care of your self thru pain.


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