World Of Truth – Part 4


Earth and Its Family



Peace and love to each one of your souls and to the physical bodies you inhabit. I AM so happy to be back again. We are deeply touched by the wonderful comments and gratitude we are receiving from these articles. As I said last week, this will be the last issue talking about the history of existence. Next week, we will talk about what is happening at this point in time.

Today, we are going to learn the history of the species known as humanoids and about a planet named Gaia considered by most to be “the gem of the universe” or “God’s showcase.”


Where did Humans Come From?

First, of course let’s start with some questions. Where did the humanoid species come from? Well, what do the “scientists” say? They say we came from apes, but still they can’t find the missing link. Why are our bodies made up of so much water? Have you ever heard of the aquatic ape theory? No? Well, then let me tell you. It says humans came from a species of apes that lived in the water, but it can’t be proved either because remains have yet to be found. Here is the truth…

The Aquatic Ape

The aquatic ape was from a planet called Vega in the star system of Lyra. The Creator started this species journey in the mid to shallow ocean about 8 million years ago. The aquatic ape stood up right and swam close to shores but was able to swim in the deeper oceans a well. It was hairless and had gills. After a few thousand years, it was forced to leave the ocean by a giant sea creature that was going to eat them into extinction. The creator uses different ways to get the physical life to migrate. Due to natural disasters and threats posed by predators migration and adaptation became the key for the preservation of a species.


Later, the aquatic ape left the water and began to live on land. The first few thousand years they lived by the sea and were very happy and continued to evolve. They started to grow hair as a way to protect their heads from the sun. At some point during their evolution they were visited by some highly evolved beings named Nordic’s. The Nordic’s came to them and asked if they wanted to have full consciousness. At first, they were reluctant and hesitant, then eventually agreed after it was explained to them what they would be capable of doing with full consciousness.

image13 image12


Over time they became very spiritual and beautiful beings – inside and out. Eventually, they came to be known as humanoids. Now, there are over 250 shades of humanoids thus far. Humanoid species love water-worlds, like Earth was a few billion years ago. Earth was composed of mostly water and a few pieces of land. Humanoids are a very tough and agile species, highly liked by the souls that inhabit them. Eventually,because of the dark forces, the humanoids were forced to join other star nations to form a part of the Galactic Federation. Currently, about 40% of the Galactic Federation is composed of humanoids and the rest are from all around our galaxy.

History of Gaia

Gaia is the name given to Earth a long time ago. It was later changed to Earth. Like all living things formed in creation, Gaia has a soul. Gaia, like most planets, spent the first 580 billion years of her existence in a gas phase. Over the last 70 billion years she started to take form. Gaia is considered to be a water-world. There are three other water-worlds in our solar system, as well as three gas giants and a very small planet that is actually a moon of one of the larger gas planets that was set off course.image15

The Waldemar Julsrud Collection


image20 image19image21


Gaia was visited by her first interstellar guests more than 1 billion years ago. There have been only three civilizations on Earth since then. Very little is known about the first group of beings that visited Gaia. The civilization was known as Hybornea. There were three different groups of species, each with full consciousness. They resembled and are actually the ancestors of dinosaurs, whales and reptiles. The difference was that these beings were fully conscious. Most walked on two feet, had hair on most their bodies, longs snouts and long ears. Over the years, they lost their hair and took the form of dinosaurs, whales, and reptiles that we are more familiar with today. They lived in peace for millions of years until they were discovered by a group of malevolent /dark forces from the Orion star system. This conflict ended in a nuclear war eight million years ago. Soon after was the 1st great flood. The second came much later and was actually smaller.

The New Vision

The Creator sent the flood because there were far too many ET’s settling on Gaia, and also because the Creator changed his plans for Gaia. Gaia was known throughout the universe as God’s showcase, mainly because it is one of the very few planets that had mountains, oceans, deserts, canyons, forests, rivers, lakes, jungles, snow and tropical weather all in one place. The creator had a vision for Gaia that had never been done before. The Creator wanted Gaia to be a planet where all the life in the whole universe could be seen in one place. Gaia proved to be a planet where almost any life form could live and flourish. The Creator, with the help of heaven and the spiritual hierarchy of Gaia, asked all of his species that inhabit the universe to bring DNA samples to Gaia and create a form of life with the same or similar to the original design. Gaia was to become a living library. The plan was to have all these species in one place so that every soul that wanted to experience life as any of these species could do so for as long as they wanted. They would be allowed to come and go as they pleased. In order for that to happen, and to keep the dark forces from finding Gaia, the planet was raised to a 9th dimensional frequency because as we said last week a being can only see what is in their level of consciousness. Only beings that live in the 7th dimension and higher were allowed to visit Gaia. After a few thousand years, Gaia and her new family were happier than ever. It became necessary for the preservation of the planet and its life forms that a very special being be created to watch over this marvelous new planet.

Creating a Species

After contemplating long and hard as to which species of beings would be best able to manage Gaia. The creator decided the being had to be loving and compassionate, non aggressive and resilient. The being needed to be able to climb the highest trees. Scale the steepest mountains . Run, jump, live and play like the all the other species in nature did. They needed to be courageous and fearless so they could run into a burning forest to save the animal life and defend against predators. They needed to be spiritual and abide by the laws of creation. They would need to be able to handle extreme heat and cold. After much deliberation, it was decided there would be ten species brought to Gaia and tested to see which would be gifted the opportunity to be a part of this grand experiment. The beings that were selected fit the criteria; the true test was the adaptability to their new existence. These species were mostly humanoid, and all had at least two different types of DNA already in them. At the end of the tests, five species were selected to be placed on Gaia all on different continents and all with their own special characteristics. North America was the first continent to be blessed with this new species of humanoids.

Humans are Awesome!

The new forms of humans were actually better designed and the souls that inhabited them didn’t want to leave the new form or the new Gaia. This was a bit of an issue since the purpose of the new Gaia was for them to be able to come and go so that other souls could have the chance to experience life on Gaia. After some time, the souls started to consider themselves native humans instead of souls inhabiting the temporary human vehicle while on Gaia. After a while, the souls felt they would have a deeper and more powerful experience if they lost connection with the Creator. Of course this was permitted by the Creator because the souls would be able to grow faster and learn much more, therefore some more changes were made and things added.

Human needed to be given certain attributes in order to maintain their own form and appearance. So, many things were added to the human experience on Gaia. A very special form of ego was created, so the Gaia humans would take care of themselves and their appearance. Reincarnation /life cycles were added with hopes it would make for a better experience. Genders were introduced. Sex and child-birth was added in order to create more humans for souls to inhabit. Death was added to allow these souls to return to the Creator after a lifetime on Gaia. Everything was starting to work out according to Divine Plan. Over time, the souls gained back the connection to the Creator. This cycle lasted until about 25,000 years ago.

Along Came Evil

Why is there so much evil on earth? About 26,000 years ago the human species was thriving. They had full consciousness and they were very happy, loving and peaceful. They took great care of all nature and had a direct connection to the Creator.

About 25,002 years ago, humans were visited by a group of dark forces ET’s – the Chimera group. They were a collective of Anunnaki, Draconian’s, and their slaves – the Reptilians.

They came with a proposal. They said “eyak imuk tradkiwateuta umpa sanjib, enoahu hkwhy alwoh love jus light haguen jumaka saud blah Chimera Group” This is why telepathy was created and is considered the universal language. Here is our telepathy translation for your understanding, “Greetings mortals! We have a proposal for you. We are bringer’s of knowledge, very deep and sacred knowledge. If you allow us to come down to your planet and rule over you for a certain amount of time we promise you will gain knowledge and experiences you could not get anywhere else. You will be able to truly test your faith and your ability to keep your love and light strong and clean while engulfed in darkness and evil. Signed, with love, The Chimera group.” With much thought and discussion, the humans decided to agree to the Dark forces proposition to acquire this knowledge.

Changes Made Again

With the blessing of The Creator, a 25,000 year time cycle was created. The dark would have complete control over Gaia and her humans. There would be no connection to the Creator or any other star nations. Even the Galactic Federation was asked to stay away and was only allowed to monitor Gaia from a distance. With this 25,000 year agreement some more changes were made humans were not allowed to leave their solar system, and the souls were forced to return back to Gaia until the 25,000 year period ended. This cycle has recently ended on December 21, 2012. More on that next week…

So be it, all was set and the contracts were signed by every soul that wanted to experience life in duality on the planet Earth. Now a soul would be able to sort out old karma or not, because as you know free will can get you in trouble, or create heaven on Earth.

With all these new changes, Gaia’s dimension and frequency was lowered to the 3rd dimension and human consciousness was lowered to 10- 25% of its total capability. Then, the name was changed from Gaia to Earth. From that point on, the earth was to be a prison planet, where a soul could learn the toughest lessons in the shortest period of time.

Choosing the New You

Imagine a super computer that had a data base and catalog of every species in the Creation. Choose humans. Choose region you would like to be born in. Choose neighborhood. Choose family. Now, you choose the details of exactly what you want to look like. From baby to elder. Choose likes and dislikes, interests. Attitudes. Once you have your physical body chosen. Then decide what experiences you would like to have. Choose how long each experience will last. Then go on a long search to find other souls that would like to share your experience. Once you have the souls that you would like to have your main experiences with, plans are made and soul contracts are signed. They can also be broken at any time. This was a very brief description of the very long and tedious reincarnation cycle.

Connection to Self

Mentors and guides were added to try to keep humans on the right path. In addition, the connection to spirit was added, so a human could have conscience, gut feelings, and instincts with all these gifts being given to them by their soul in order to help humans discern if they were on the right path and to differentiate between right and wrong. This was very significant because the soul carried all the experience and knowledge that it has learned in all its life times and with a very clear connection to spirit, they were actually able to tap into that knowledge. One could ask your past and future souls regarding certain experiences they had or will have. This is why you sometimes feel you have done something before, even though you haven’t – de ja vu. The heart/soul knows everything. One sure way to connect to spirit is to listen to it. When you get that feeling in your heart or hear that little voice say “don’t even think about it,” listen to it. Your thoughts are what get you in trouble. Your mind can come up with the perfect reason every time not to listen to your gut or conscience. Meditation is another way to connect to spirit. During a meditative state your mind will shut off and your soul will be free to explore different dimensions. More about meditation next week…


There was another addition to the death experience. Now, after death instead of going straight back to heaven to plan the next trip to Gaia, these souls had to spend a period of time working with their personal guides and mentors to recall their recently completed life. Everyone had to and we still do go through this period. This period of reflection differs for each soul. The soul must experience and relive all negative/ evil things they did while on Gaia. Meaning, if you killed someone you would be forced to relive all the pain and suffering you caused. For example, if you killed someone’s father you would have to experience the pain he felt, all the pain the children of this man felt, the wife, parents, friends and witnesses, basically anyone that was negatively affected by your actions. This is an extremely difficult phase for a soul, but much growth comes from this. After this phase, a soul gets to visit with his soul families and take a little rest before planning the next life and experiences on Gaia.

Quarantined Earth and the Veil

In addition to the gifts the heaven and Creator granted humans, the dark forces had their ways of doing things too. The day after the contracts were signed, the dark forces came into Earth’s solar system and placed them in quarantine by covering the water worlds of Venus, Mars, and Neptune with super advanced technology. Under the sandy exterior of Mars are oceans of water. They placed a veil around the Earth so when humans looked up, everything seemed really far away.


They started dividing up the land into sections and created countries. They taught different countries their own languages. They created borders and started teaching the leaders of the humans different types of ways to control their people, how to create slavery and how to be tyrannical leaders. They showed them how to create money, debt and different levels of prosperity and scarcity. Basically, all the details of how to divide and conquer. Very soon wars were started to claim more land and the leaders acquired a taste for power and greed and the need to rule world. After those seed was planted, there was no hope for humans. They were not able to hold their light in such evil. They didn’t seem to have support or anything to help them find a way out.

Mother/ Father God

Since the Creator is always listening and worrying about his children, he decided Earth needed a God. Since even the Creator could not break the contracts. We explained in the 2nd issue, after a soul had learned all there was to learn in the lower 1st -6th dimensions, it is finally allowed to rule over a planet to learn how to control elements and take care of a civilization. The new God/soul has all their knowledge from their past lives and has both female and male versions of the soul in them. The gender unity allowed them to decide what was best for the beings they were protecting with both genders able to think as one to consider how it will affect everyone as a whole.

Mother/father God decided to plant some seeds of their own. They sent down messengers and prophets and gave us holy books to teach us the power of the spirit and to let us know who God and creation was,in order to get the humans to remember who they were or at the very least have some reference to look back on as proof they were really here. Since God could not break the contract and interfere, the dark took the holy books given to them by their God and rewrote them to have a different meaning and contradict itself constantly creating more confusion. They placed a vengeful God and created a myth of a fallen evil being who was once an angel to create fear. Now, we humans have sacred books that have very little of their original knowledge and have been replaced with lies and rewritten to follow their own prophecies and agendas.

3rd Civilization on Earth

Atlantis and Lemuria were the 3rd civilization on Earth. Atlantis was an island in the Atlantic Ocean and is now at the bottom of it. Lemuria was in the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian Islands is what is left of it. Both civilizations were advanced both technologically and spiritually and both had contact with other star nations. This was tolerated because the contract was only between the human souls that signed the contracts. So other ET’s that wanted to visit could still do so. About 12,000 years ago,Lemuria and Atlantis got into a war and Atlantis destroyed Lemuria. Then, a few years later the Atlantans were playing with some highly powerful lasers and they had a huge explosion that shook their entire island so hard it sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic.

Modern Day….

Next week, we will get back to the contracts ending on December 21, 2012. We will also address why there is still evil on Earth. We will start talking about the times we are living in right now. We will learn more about the benevolent beings that are assisting us and trying to bring peace back to earth. We will learn about a brave bunch of true soldiers that have been underground for the past 40 years. We will learn about “The Event” and the amazing changes that are happening all around the Earth. I hope you have enjoyed “the History or Gaia and her Family”. Peace and love to everyone’s souls.

Peace and love are the strongest words in the universe. They have true power. Thank you for your time! Until next week.



I am doing this because I know the average person is busy and doesn’t have time to search for answers like I have. I will give sources and pictures and answer any questions. I AM doing this freely. If you feel the need to donate, please donate to one of the charities we assist or choose a charity of your own and donate. All I ask is that you hear me out and make your own decisions. My goal is to make you think. That’s it! I promise you I won’t tell you anything I don’t know is truth. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do have a clear understanding of the entire picture. Over 20 years of searching for answers to questions like why are we here, who are we, where did we come from and where are we going. I have studied all major religions Western and Eastern and I have kept up with spiritual and scientific discoveries about us and about the universe over the years. I have always asked questions and followed my heart. I am connected with spirit. I don’t have a religion. I have a deep connection with Earth and I am one with God. I follow the laws of creation and I use the laws of nature to create my reality. I AM that I AM.

Humans and their history

“Your Galactic Neighbors”  by Sheldon Nidle

“My First Contact” by Sheldon Nidle image18 image17 image16


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  1. Wow. You sure had allot of info on this weeks message.

    Written very well, engaging and dropping the hint of wanting more.
    Everyone’s goal should be, is to be one with God.

    Keep up the Good work……

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    1. I really appreciate your efforts and the information, almost everything you have written make sense to me, and surprisingly you have confirmed many aspects that i wondered how i even got to know about, and you helped me understand better. I personally believe i have the capacity to know much further, but because the materialistic world is surely keeping me busy with material things like going to work, i am having a slow journey in life. I await your future posts in hope to get a balance between spirituality and physical life. Keep up the good work.

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      1. Thank you so much for sharing your appreciation. I AM so honored to be able to share this information. I feel this is knowledge everyone needs right now. Their are many changes happening very soon. Material life is slowing but surely fading away. Too many people are asking for change. With the creation of the new BRICS banks and the return to constitutional law and “the event” change is coming, and we have nothing to worry about. It will be worth the wait. Peace is just around the corner. I will try to explain everything in a way everyone can understand it. I know I AM gives a lot of information. If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Peace and love to you and we are so happy to help you in your understanding of this beautiful and boundless creation we are all apart of.


    2. Hello Gene, thank you so much for your kind words. We are so happy to have you as part of our family. Yes this weeks article had to be packed in tight. Their was much to be said, because this was the last week talking about the history of existence. Next week we will start learning a bout our current situation and what is being done to change it. Thank you for your thoughts and love. Have a wonderful day. Peace and love.

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  3. This is my favorite part, the history of Gaia and humans is fascinating. It’s good to know that the earth is special, few planets have “mountains, oceans, deserts, canyons, forests, rivers, lakes, jungles, snow and tropical weather all in one place”. In fact that’s why I love California, it has all that diversity – except jungles.


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