World Of Truth – part 6


Part 6
“The Great Awakening”

Peace and Love

Hello too all of you beautiful souls out there. I AM so happy you have returned for another trip down memory lane. We are back with the second to last issue of our seven part article of World of Truth. Our journey together is close to ending, but a souls search for knowledge is never ending. I hope you have enjoyed our time together, as much as we have. As always, we are deeply touched by your kind words and thoughtful questions.

We are now all caught up with the entire history of Creation, evil, Earth, humanoids, star-seeds and the resistance movement. If you have no idea what I am referring to here, chances are you have not read the previous articles. In order for you to understand this article, I suggest you start at Issue #1 “So Many Questions”
Today, we are scheduled to accomplish a few important things. We have to learn to live in the now. It’s time to learn what is really happening in our world today, to bring peace to our planet Earth and to learn how we can be a part of it as conscious co-creators. We will also learn how thoughts really work, and get some updates on what the resistance movement and their allies have been up to since the update in 2013 we shared in issue # 7

I am Living Now!?

What does it mean to “live in the now”? Believe it or not, most people live their lives in the memories of what has already passed, instead of thinking and living in the moment they are in right now. This usually means gossiping, talking about bad experiences, most forms of media or recalling old situations or illnesses. The reason this could be a bad thing, when you start to tell the story or watch the report of a negative scenario or topic, not only are the memories or visualization coming to them, but also all the emotions and negative energies felt in that experience. Now they are not only reliving the past experience but also now dealing with all the feelings and negative energies it created at the time. The reminiscence of the past has the potential to upset or affect the person just as it did at the time of the experience. Therefore, it’s very important to not get stuck in the past and deal with the problems at the time they occur instead of saving them for later.

Control Of The Future

Others may feel more worried and anxious about the future. Trying to control, plan and predict every aspect of their lives. Such people are great target for the fear-based insurance industry. These are all egoic-fear-based traps that steal our energy away from truly enjoying life and its seemingly “ordinary moments” and actually disable us from recreating our lives, because we are too stuck trying to control and think our way through life with will power rather than surrender.

Sounds Good, But Now What?

Letting go and forgiving is how a soul grows. Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. When the time comes, experience these emotionally challenging moments fully when you are in it. Feel all the sensations, the happiness, the anger, the sadness, the frustration. Cry, yell, and scream while you are in the moment. Then let it go. It already happened. Nothing you can do will change “what is”. It comes down to acceptance at this point. Regarding the future, we should be able to let go and try to accept life and its uncertainties. Change is the only thing that is certain. Be willing to allow and initiate change rather than trying to control future outcomes.

Kill Them with Kindnesses

Sometimes someone may come into your reality with a negative attitude. Instead of reflecting on their negative, throw a smile at them and try making a joke. You will notice their attitude/energy will change. This is also known as transmutation or changing negative into positive. A human’s natural state is happiness and joy. When we are with friends and people we love we are happy emitting energies of love and happiness. It all goes back to fear-based programming.

Mankind has been taught that we should treat every person as an enemy. For example, when we walk down the street we avoid eye contact and conversation with people we don’t know. Only talking or saying hello to people we do know. Most don’t even say “hello” when passing them on the street. Changing darkness into light and becoming a finely tuned instrument of our Creator.

Hold That Thought!

Thought is what creates reality because the universe is alive. The universe hears all your words and thoughts. If there is something you really want, think about all the details of it and it will happen. This is why when you have a negative thought and keep thinking about it, it usually happens. Negative thinking brings negative outcomes. Positive thinking brings positive outcomes. Try it. Be a positive thinker, by looking for a bright side to every situation.

In issue #3 we mention the laws of the universe briefly. They are put in place for all of creation to be able to enjoy the exact life you want, no matter what dimension you live in. Have you heard of the law of action and reaction? It’s true, it works, but you don’t just attract what you want, you usually attract what you are or what you are in tune with. It’s not magic, its physics. For every action there is a reaction. We create our circumstances. Reality is like a mirror, it won’t change until you do first. The law of attraction will manifest into reality those internal recurrent thoughts we live with inside our head day in and day out. If you think of good loving things, you will attract good loving people and things to you. The same is true for negative thinking people. If you think about bad negative evil things all day, then bad negative evil things will happen – to you as result.

Create Your Own Reality

Try to think happy thoughts and not react to negative energy/attitudes. One of the many uses of meditation is to create a reaction you want. So if there is something you really want to happen, meditation is a great way to accumulate and to connect with the energies to make things happen. Meditation is a very simple thing to start doing. Sit in a quiet place and just close your eyes, focus on your breath and stay relaxed. Focus on the desired emotion you want to feel – love, compassion or peace. It’s best to do it daily for at least 10 minutes. The connection to spirit will get stronger and your own consciousness will start to rise.

You could also imagine the outcomes you want to see manifesting in your life, as long as they are not going to negatively impact anyone. If you want a raise at work think about the conversation you will have with your employer. Think of what you will say and imagine them having the exact reaction you want. The more you do this the more the conversation will go as you planned it. We will learn more about meditation next week. I will share many different techniques. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of personal and mass meditations on human and human society. It really does have an influence and anyone can do it.

The Power of I AM!!!

I AM holds many titles and powers. One of those titles is the Creator spirit and voice that lives in all souls. It’s used as a declaration of intent to proceed with action. When you intend to proceed with an action don’t say “I want to learn to fly” or “I can learn how to fly” “or I wish I could fly” instead, say “I AM going to fly”

If Not the End of the World, Then What?

We all have heard stories of the “Great Awakening”. What it actually refers to is the time 10 years or so following the end of the contracts humans made with the dark forces. It was already seen by Creator that after 25,000 years of evil, humans would need some help to awaken to who humans truly were before the contracts. We learned last week about all the help we have been receiving from Creator and mother/father God. In the next 10 years their will be many transitions. For those who are prepared it will be simple. For those who are not, there will be much confusion and pain. Humans will be shown their true history in many different ways. We decided to create these articles so that when people are ready they will have something to ease them into the truth about existence. Their will also be a place for all humans to go and learn their history and regain there powers and memories. A school of sorts. Their will be a school in every country and in every state. The first school is currently being set up in Ireland. This again is to get us all prepared for the return to peace and happiness on earth. As it was before so shall it be at the end. Only when the heart in joyful can one always have happy emotions, happy environment and a genuinely healthy body.

Going Back Home

Earth will be returning to the higher dimensions and many humans will be going threw something called Ascension which we will talk more about in the 7th issue. In issue #4, we learned the frequency of Earth was dropped from a 6th dimensional frequency to the 3rd dimension. Now that the 25-year cycle is over and humans are starting to awakening, Earth will be moving back up to the 5th dimension. As we learned in the 3rd issue, there is no evil in the higher dimensions, humans will have 100% consciousness, and the entire Earth will be in peace. There will be a level of happiness no one on Earth has ever experienced. This is the reason for all the new energies you may be feeling and the reason for the Event and all the gifts that Heaven is preparing.

Human Experiment? SUCCESS!!!

Due to the human experiment and the contract with evil, there was an extraordinary growth and progress made. Humanity was able to hold their light in the dark, after all, with the help of Creator, mother/father God, the countless number of star nations and the powers of heaven, of course. During the 50’s until 2014, new and more powerful energies have been arriving. Many volunteers were able to awaken and spread the love/ light and knowledge everywhere they went awakening native humans and reminding them of their abilities. At this time, a large percentage of the human race will have turned a new leaf and we are working toward peace united as a species United together. We are Humans.

Changes Finally

When you look around, I know it is hard to see the changes. Believe it or not, many things have been happening behind the scenes. Many things have been in the works for the past fiveyears to bring us to where we are today. There are many programs that have been started in response to the awakening. There are four that I would like to mention. All four of these programs are needed in order for the world to be ready for “The Event”, which we talked about in issue #5.

The Event

Last week, we heard Cobra in his own words describe what is now being known as “The Event”.
The Event has many different purposes.

Here are the main purposes.

1. To bring a new transparent financial system backed by real gold and silver, unlike the current FED that is backed by nothing. They just print money as they see fit and approve loans and charge interests off of money they loaned you from out of thin air. While we pay them back with our real money earned by our hard work.

The BRICS reserve bank – an acranem for Brazil, Russia, China, India, and South Africa will soon take over the Federal Reserve. The BRICS bank has been already created and backed by over a trillion dollars in real gold and silver contributed by the countries that joined them, which are over 140 and counting. This includes Italy, Germany, and most recently Canada.

What the New BRICS Bank is all About

Canada just Abandoned US dollar in Chinese Trade Agreement


2. Implement an existing law already created and signed by Bill Clinton in 1999, called the reformation act. It literally just needs to be announced and implemented. It returns the courts to constitutional law and demands the resignation of the all members of congress and presidential cabinet and immediate elections to find new voted in people to take their place.

3. Create and serve law suits against illuminati members and bank CEO’s. Arrests and trials will follow. There has been a group of brilliant lawyers preparing lawsuits against organizations such as the Rothschild’s world banks and the Bush administration. The Bush administration is facing charges of crimes against humanity after evidence was discovered regarding his administration’s plans to create the war in Iraq two years before he even came into office. All the large banks are being charged with fraud, because the FED does not have and never did have any actually money backing up their loans.

Bush Administration Charges

Big Banks Hit Monster 250 Billion Lawsuit Fraud Housing Crisis

4. Re-establish constitutional law in all courts in the USA. This has already begun. You can visit the link below to see how you can be a part of it. There has already been a common law court created in each county in the USA and now there is a need for serious volunteers to help create the new court system. We are in need of lawyers, judges, clerks and jurors. There are many full-time jobs that are now available with real pay. No experience needed for most positions.
Learn more at


Before and After The Event

Free and heal humanity and planet Earth from all the pain and suffering it has sustained from the past 25 thousand years. Bring peace to Earth and prepare nature and humans for the raise in dimensions. This really can’t be done on our own, but we can with the help of our surrounding star nations. This is why UFO sightings have raised to over 60% since last year. Already there are many things that seem to be just magically happening to Earth, such as 90% of the plastic mysteriously disappearing from our ocean floors. There are many people all around Earth being contacted by benevolent ET species like the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedons, and Arcturians just to name a few. Not to mention all the work the Galactic Federation is doing to clean our air and remove radiation from Fukushima and chemical trails from our atmosphere.

Ocean Plastic Mysteriously Disappearing

UFO Sightings Daily

Prepare for Change
Prepare for change is a globally known site created by humans that want to be on the forefront of change. This site works directly with the resistance moment and Cobra. If you want to be a part of the change their are many ways to do so. The Prepare for Change site has an easy registration process. You can actually choose your level of involvement. There are groups having meetings all around the world. The Los Angeles Prepare for Change group is amazing and they hold weekly meetings with different authors speakers – all free of charge. Some recent speakers include Steven Basset, who is part of a leading group who is trying to bring discourse of ET life to the masses from the government, Master Fu-Ding Cheng, Vairacharya Douglas Sutton and many others have freely shared their wisdom with us. We become stronger every time as a group and as individuals.


The Prepare for Change Network’s mission is to inspire and to uplift all who visit this site towards participating in a network creating a NEW SOCIETY. More importantly will act as a stabilizing force during and after the “Event” to insure a positive, peaceful and non-violent change on our world. Prepare for change invites willing volunteers willing to gain the knowledge needed to This includes information includes everything you need to know and prepare for before, during and after the event. We hope you choose to be a part of the change.

Galactic Central Sun

Every Galaxy has a central sun. It is where most energy for creating and maintaining the galaxy comes from. We can actually draw energy from it by just picturing it in our minds. It has the highest vibration human beings can receive and perhaps process here on Earth. Our Sun acts as a transformer and mediator of the galactic energy center to the planets in our solar system. Pure love energies are emanated freely to us from the central sun at every moment. Tune in to it.

image1image22image16 image15 image13 image12 image11 image8

Cobra and Rob Potter

Monthly interview. A must see.

ROB POTTER – Yes. Some people want to know what is the galactic central sun. Is it really a sun or a star or is it a portal, a field of super consciousness and is it at the geometric center of the milky way of our galaxy?

COBRA – Yes, it is in the geometric center of the milky way galaxy. It is actually a living entity, a star gate, a star – it’s all of that. It’s actually an entrance into the higher dimensions beyond space and time, beyond duality. It is the entrance/exit point and this is the space where souls cross through when they start their evolution, so it’s actually an entry point of birth place for the souls and of course also the dying place for the soul who have lost their purpose in their evolution like the cabal.”

Resistance Movement Updates

The resistance movement has been working diligently and they are constantly moving forward with different operations. Today the resistance has successfully removed all negative ET’s and military bases all around the world. This does include Area 51and the Bermuda Triangle where there were actually three different negative ET bases. Currently on Earth the only evil that is left, is the evil that is in the minds and in the energetic fields of humans who have still not awakened.

The resistance movement not only return most the gold that was in the illuminati’s possession (which they stole over time from the masses) but this amazing group of warriors have been able to siphon over 500 Trillion dollars of the illuminati private funds which will all be divided up and give to the masses once the event is over and the banks re-open. Next week will learn home to prepare for “The Event”.

So far the resistance movement has been able to run out all negative military, to the point that the only strong hold the Chimera Group has is in Long Island. At this point, there are too many obstacles in the Long Island strong hold for the positive military to make a move on it. It’s really not a problem because the positive ET presence is constantly monitoring everything the Chimera Group and illuminati are doing, planning and even thinking. The present obstacles are within the military-industrial complex, within the breakaway civilization and finally within the Chimera Group. At this time, the Long Island strong hold is too sensitive to enter. The Pleiadians are currently working on creating technologies to counter the obstacles in Long Island. They were able to make great progress and time will tell when they have taken control of the dark forces final battling grounds for their control of our beautiful planet Earth.

Many Are Awakening and So Are You!

Learning this information is just one way for a human to awaken to the reality we are being trained to live in. Once the truth is known by all, the conditioning starts to crumble; once this happens there is no stopping us. There are humans all over the world awakening to this truth. Many celebrities are starting to use the celebrity powers to awaken the masses. One of the most well known is the work Russell Brand is doing with is YouTube show called “The Trews” to spread the word of how the media is used to control and place fear in the masses. Actors like Jim Carrey, Roseanne, Joe Rogan, Jeff Bridges, George Carlin, and many more have contributed. Learn more by visiting the links below.

Videos of Numerous Actors and Entertainers Awakening

Earth Going Home

Earlier in the article we spoke about Earth returning to the higher dimensions. We will go into a bit more detail. As we already mentioned, since the contract with the dark forces is now over. Earth will return to the higher 5th dimension. This will mean earth will have to travel through the 4th dimension and land in the 5th dimension. As we talked about in issue #3, extra terrestrial life is visible in the 4th dimension and higher. This is a very important thing because as I also mentioned before, we need all their technological and spiritual knowledge to help restore Earth to perfection. At a certain point after “The Event” the galactic federation will make contact with the general public. They will come with many gifts and an invitation to see the Galaxy…..more about the landings next week.

The presence of the benevolent ET’s right now around Earth and its solar system is very strong. They are also in direct contact with the positive military and underground resistance movement and have also played a huge part in assisting the resistance movement in clearing all the bases on Earth. They helped with weapons, defenses, Intel and acted as their eyes and ears in the sky, reporting all enemy locations and thoughts. Imagine an army of Jedi Masters taking on waves of dark forces and you may have a small glimpse of how amazing and heroic these warriors are. We all owe them our lives and gratitude. Just as we do our military forces above ground.


Thank You

I hope you enjoyed this edition of World of Truth. We are now down to one final issue, which we will talk about all the natural gifts humans have. As always, I have had a great time sharing this knowledge with you. Please if you resonate with the information given in these articles, pass them along, share and re-blog so others can have access. The faster we can get everyone to wake up, the faster our freedom will be returned to us and peace will be restored. With all these powers working together, there is nothing that can stop us. We are all one soul “I AM” the Creator and in our purest form we are all “love”. Be love and be in joy. Freedom is near and we are at the end of a long and tragic time-cycle. The Dark Ages are over. We are now living in the Golden Age of Gaia. The old Earth will be a distant memory.


I am doing this because I know the average person is busy and doesn’t have time to search for answers like I have. I will give sources and pictures and answer any questions. I AM doing this freely. If you feel the need to donate, please donate to one of the charities we assist or choose a charity of your own and donate. All I ask is that you hear me out and make your own decisions. My goal is to make you think. That’s it! I promise you I won’t tell you anything I don’t know is truth. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do have a clear understanding of the entire picture. Over 20 years of searching for answers to questions like why are we here, who are we, where did we come from and where are we going. I have studied all major religions Western and Eastern and I have kept up with spiritual and scientific discoveries about us and about the universe over the years. I have always asked questions and followed my heart. I am connected with spirit. I don’t have a religion. I have a deep connection with Earth and I am one with God. I follow the laws of creation and I use the laws of nature to create my reality. I AM that I AM.

World of Truth

All 6 issuesm

Issue #1 “So Many Questions”

Issue #2 “The Creator and his Souls”

Issue #3 “The Milky Way galaxy and it’s dark side”

Issue #4 Earth and Its Family

Issue #5 “The Human Beauty”

Issue #6 “The Great Awakening”

Issue #7
“Humans Are Free

New issue’s coming titled  ” More Details”


Humans and their history

Russian boom of alien races!!


“My first contact” by Sheldon Nidle

“Our galactic neighbors” by Sheldon Nidle
Both great books if you are ready to make contact.

NASA prepare for disclosure

Galactic federation cleaning oceans?
Laws of universe

Light ships

Laws of creation


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