World Of Truth – Part 7

“Humans Are Free”


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“Humans Are Free    

Greeting to all you eager souls out there, I AM so happy to be able to talk to you one on one again. We are back with the final edition of our World of Truth articles. The responses we have received from these articles have overwhelmed us with love. So many wonderful comments. We thank everyone for the many shares and likes. I hope we at Humanity Empowered have helped you to understand the world we were suddenly born into. We have not given this information to scare or place fear in anyone. We have given this information because it is needed to help raise the energy, vibrations, consciousness and awareness of all those who have been guided to read it. Peace and love to you and enjoy the show!


Due to the awakening, many people are asking deep and important questions. People are starting to notice the problems we have on earth. But can’t seem to see the changes that are being made to move out of the old ways of doing things. I hope we have been able to give you a glimpse of the changes that are coming, and being made by fed up humans all over the world. If we want change, we must work towards it our selves. We will have much help, but it takes an action to produce a reaction.

Final Question

Now we answer the final question. How can we live in this reality and still be free? By creating your own reality. By knowing the truth about who you are, what you can do and why you are really here, and letting go of all that is not useful to you, towards the growth you are looking for.

What Is Reality?

It is a persons perception of their current location. Because with almost every step you take the reality changes. Reality at home is not the same as at work. At home your reality is personal and based on family. At work your reality is stress and your coworkers. Every store you pass on the street is a different reality. Every person lives in the reality they created for them selves. If you believe earth is hell, then it will become your reality. If you believe it is heaven then that is your reality and the universe will start to create your thoughts. So, beware of your thoughts, when you are thinking to your self you are actually having a conversation with the universe.

Humans Power of Creator

Today we will talk about all the gifts earth humans have and how to use them. We will also be giving a brief look at what the future holds for Earth and Earth Humans. Earth Humans are the most powerful beings in the physical world of Creation, but they have forgotten their powers and how to be the beautiful loving beings they naturally are. We have seen all the tactics the elite use to keep humans down and blind. That’s their job. It’s our job to notice and change our selves from with in. Love your self and everyone else unconditionally.


Unconditional Love

It’s easy to say these words but maybe the most difficult thing for any being to truly master. To love unconditionally means to love every person. No matter what they have done to you or to humanity. If we can keep in mind that a soul must go threw life cycles to evolve as we talked about in issue #2. Then we can understand that a soul that does evil or negative things is just immature and doesn’t know any better. They have not lived as many life times and have not learned how not to be evil or negative. An older soul has learned that it is wrong to steal or hurt people through its many life cycles.

Love Thy Self

It is also very difficult to love any other person before you love your self. It is very important to take time for your self and do what ever makes you happy. Buy yourself an outfit or go to the spa. What ever it takes to feel good about who you are. Put your self first. Don’t let people take advantage of you. Be a giver and a taker. Happiness is a conscious decision. No one else can make you happy or make you love your self.

In our society we like to create groups, so people can choose the crowd they want to be associated with. Usually a person would then start to dress a certain way, sometimes even adopt beliefs and now they are labeled as preppy, goth, jock, geek, stoner or what ever the title may be. That is all part of divide and conquer. We are all individuals, with our own styles, gifts and talents. It takes more work to be your self or your own person, then it does to join in with the crowd. Find out who you really are. Listen to your heart. It knows all. Everyone on earth is here for a specific reason and it is not to be slaves in a reality ruled by Psychopaths. Find your purpose and love who you are. Live with no fear, doubt and ego and you will truly be free.

 image  imageimage

Fear, Doubt and Ego… GET THE F?$& OUT!!!

Without Fear a human will attempt to walk on water. With out doubt a human will walk on water. With out ego, a human will teach others to walk on water. Anything in this wonderful world of Creation is possible. If you can imagine it then it can be done. Everything is created by thoughts and everyone has the power to use their thoughts for good or bad and in anyway they want. If you told a scientist that their thoughts affected the outcome of their research or experiments, they would say “this deranged lunatic has gone insane” Because as we already know scientist and religions can only explain so much because they are forced to stay in the box. Or get ridiculed by their peers and colleagues.

Spirituality and Faith are two very important things for all humans to have. Spirituality will teach you the power of yourself/ your spirit. Faith will teach you to trust and love the unseen. Because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. You feel the wind. You can feel the energies of a presence. Even if you can’t explain it, you know it is there.

Spirit Guides, Mentor and Guardian Angels

As we talked about in issue #2- 4. All humans are assigned a birth mentor and spirit guides. They are there to assist you with problems, create the reality you want to be in and to make sure you get to where you want to be. Every soul is assigned a Guardian Angel at birth, to protect the human and make sure they are on the path they wanted to be on and to also make sure they experience everything they have planned. We talked about this in issue #2. The secret to all of them is listening to your self. They will never tell you to do anything evil. So if you get a negative or evil thought most likely it is not your own. Your soul, spirit guide, mentors and guardian angel will connect with you through your heart, gut feelings, hunches, your conscience, energies rushing through your body and thought. It’s good to practice self awareness. Not only on the outside but the inside too.


Everyone has a voice in their head. Weather it be your soul or your mind. If you can learn to recognize the way YOU think and process information. Recognize the way you speak and the words you use you will have much more control over your thoughts. And weather or not they are even yours. We have all had a thought that was just so evil that we know it couldn’t be our own thought. Most likely it was not. Most likely you heard someone else’s thought. All of creation uses telepathy to communicate to each other. There are far too many languages out there to learn them all.


So, Creator created the universal language of Telepathy. So now a being can think in their own language and the receiving party will receive the message in their own language. There are many humans that can actually do this already. Within the next 5 years more and more humans will remember that ability. And eventually it will be a like the 100th monkey. Everyone will just catch on and will be able to communicate with anyone in creation no matter where they are. A simple thought of the being you want to talk to and you are connected and talking as if you were right next to that person.

Connection to Your Spirit

It’s about having discernment. The brain has to be taught everything it learns. But the heart/spirit is all knowing. We are souls having a human experience and we are apart of a higher spirit. And that higher spirit is all knowing. Because the spirit is part of the Creator. The spirit is also known as the Holy Spirit. It lives in you. Sits in your heart and it’s head is above yours. The crown chakra.

Your spirit has been alive for millions of years. If you are living on earth today then your spirit has already lived millions of lives. So when you listen and connect to the spirit, you can tap into that all knowing energy. And thru meditation you can actually meet and have conversations with your spirit. People do it everyday it’s not a new thing. When you make the action to search for any knowledge, your spirit will start guiding you to the answers. The answers will usually come to you in the form of epiphanies or ideas that are confirmed later by an unlikely source. But when you have a direct connection to your spirit, you can more easily receive the knowledge your searching for. With a really good connection you can just clear your mind, do not Acknowledge your thoughts and have no doubt in your words when you begin to speak. Because your spirit is part of the Creator, we also have access to its powers and abilities. Here are a few abilities that all humans have but only few can access.

Powers of an Natural Earth Human


List of Confirmed Advanced Human Abilities

Ability absorption Arthur Petrelli
The ability to steal another’s ability, rendering them powerless

Ability augmentation Paulette Hawkins
The ability to augment other evolved human abilities

Ability replication Peter Petrelli (synthetic)
The ability to replicate one ability at a time through physical contact

Accelerated probability Santiago,
The ability to predict the probability of a certain event correctly and accelerate one’s self to achieve those predictions

Acid secretion Leonard Cushing
The ability to generate highly corrosive fluids

Acidic blood Mary Krause
The ability to have acidic blood

Activation and deactivation Matt Parkman, Jr.
The ability to activate and deactivate various objects

Adoptive muscle memory Monica Dawson
The ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed

Age shifting The Russian
The ability to change one’s own age

Age transferal Leona Mills
The ability to transfer the aging and life force to and from an object and make the user younger or older

Alchemy Bob Bishop Sylar
The ability to change the molecular composition of any material to gold

Alejandro’s ability Alejandro Herrera
The ability to absorb and counter the effects of Maya’s poison emission

Animal control Markus Gaines
The ability to control and communicate with animals

Appearance alteration Connie Logan
The ability to change the skin, hair, and vocal cords of another person

Aura absorption Linda Tavara
The ability to see auras and take the lives and powers of others

Bliss and horror Guillame
The ability to bring about feelings of bliss and horror in others

Body insertion Unknown Future Peter2
The ability to insert a person into someone else’s body

Bone spike protrusion Perrin Crocker
The ability to create bone spikes that protrude from one’s body

Chlorine gas exudation Tina Ramierez
The ability to exhale chlorine gas instead of carbon dioxide

Clairsentience Bridget Bailey Sylar
The ability to perceive the history of an object by touching it

Clairvoyance Molly Walker,
Adam Soo Hoo
The ability to see distant people and things

Cloaking Teddy
The ability to cause things to disappear and reappear

Cloning Julien Dumont, Evan, Magdalena
The ability to replicate oneself and produce identical clones

Constriction The Constrictor
The ability to mimic the attributes of a constricting snake, including squeezing extra-tightly with one’s body, numbing with one’s touch and gender neutrality

Crumpling Marcus
The ability to crumple and deform objects

Danger sensing Evan Davis
The ability to sense danger

David’s ability David Sullivan (synthetic)
The ability to growl and charge at others viciously

Dehydration Rollo Fusor’s accomplice
The ability to remove the water contained in objects or people by force of will

Disintegration Tom Miller Sylar
The ability to disintegrate objects without physical contact

Disintegration touch Felicia Brooks
Felicia’s name for her ability

Dream manipulation Sanjog Iyer
The ability to manipulate the dreams of others

Elasticity Piper
The ability to to stretch, deform, expand, and contract one’s body

Electric manipulation Agent, Elle Bishop,
Cooper Future Peter1, Peter Petrelli (lost),
Arthur Petrelli
The ability to create and direct electrical arcs

Electrical absorption Teenage patient,
Benjamin Franklin
The ability to absorb and subsequently release electrical energy

Electronic communication Hana Gitelman,
Richard Drucker
The ability to intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions with one’s mind

Empathic manipulation Joseph Sullivan,
Syn Anders
The ability to control emotions

Empathic mimicry Peter Petrelli (lost) Arthur Petrelli
The ability to duplicate the powers of other evolved humans within proximity and reproduce them at will when thinking about the original source of the power

Empathy Lydia Sylar
The ability to feel the emotions, thoughts, hopes, desires, and dreams of others

Energy absorption, transference, and redirection Mindy Sprague
The ability to absorb, transfer, and redirect energy

Enhanced hearing Dale Smither Sylar (lost)
The ability to hear sounds beyond normal limits

Enhanced memory Charlie Andrews
The ability to quickly absorb and accurately retain great amounts of information

Enhanced strength Niki Sanders (synthetic),
Michael Fitzgerald, Peter Petrelli (lost)
The ability to exert greater than normal physical force

Enhanced synesthesia Emma Coolidge,
Chris Coolidge, Peter Petrelli (lost)
The ability to see sound waves as light and project concussive blasts

Fire breathing Chris Bowman, Gail Bowman,
Jennie Bowman
The ability to breathe out fire

Flight Nathan Petrelli (synthetic), West Rosen,
Aiden Peter Petrelli (lost), Future Sylar1
The ability to propel oneself through the air

Forcefields Abigail
The ability to create and manipulate forcefields

Freezing James Walker,
Tracy Strauss, Peter Petrelli (lost)
The ability to reduce temperatures and freeze objects by force of will

Future terrorist’s ability Future terrorist
The ability to shoot a concentrated flow of green energy or liquid from the hand

Gold mimicry “Little Miss Goldenrod”
The ability to turn one’s body into gold

Granulation Gordon Hovey
The ability to turn things into sand
Gravitational manipulation Stephen Canfield
The ability to create gravitational vacuums

Green energy blast Ricky
The ability to discharge a green-colored emission

Healing Daniel Linderman,
Ishi Nakamura
The ability to heal the wounds of others

Healing touch Jeremy Greer, Peter Petrelli (lost)
The ability to control the flow of life

Heat generation Mrs. Comey
The ability to heat things

Illusion Candice Willmer, Callum Future Sylar1
The ability to alter the perceptions of others

Impenetrable skin Baron Samedi
The ability of one’s skin to not be penetrated by anything

Imprinting Joe Macon Sylar
The ability to mentally imprint marks onto surfaces

Induced radioactivity Ted Sprague Peter Petrelli
The ability to manipulate the movement of subatomic particles, thus generating and emitting toxic radiation

Intuitive aptitude Sylar, Samson Gray, Peter Petrelli
The ability to analyze complex systems and intuitively understand how they work without special education or training

Invisibility Claude Rains,
Becky Taylor Peter Petrelli (lost)
The ability to not be seen

Laser emission Michael
The ability to generate a beam of coherent light

Levitation Abu Aswan,
Khufu and his kin
The ability to levitate and move extremely heavy objects

Lie detection Sue Landers Sylar
The ability to detect when others lie

Luminescence Howard Grigsby,
Dee H
The ability to emit light from one’s body

Lung adaptation Bianca Karina
The ability to adapt one’s lungs to any environment

Magnetism The German, Bo LoFontaine
The ability to manipulate ferrous objects and material
Mass manipulation Sylvia
The ability to manipulate mass, growing or shrinking at will

Mediumship Ida May Walker Linda Tavara
The ability to view the spirits of the deceased

Melting Zane Taylor Sylar (lost)
The ability to melt solid materials

Memory manipulation
Memory manipulation Damian
The ability to make an individual re-experience forgotten or past memories and to erase memories

Mental manipulation René Arthur Petrelli,
Peter Petrelli (lost)
The ability to manipulate others’ minds, causing them to lose memories or be prevented from using mental powers

Metal mimicry Danny Pine, Large guy
The ability to transmute one’s own body into metal

Microwave emission Luke Campbell
The ability to emit rays of microwaves from one’s hands

Mohinder’s ability Mohinder Suresh (synthetic, corrected)
The ability to possess enhanced human senses, instinct, and strength

Nerve gas emission Manhattan target
The ability to emit nerve gas when sweating

Nerve manipulation “The Watcher”
The ability to manipulate the nerves of others

Neurocognitive deficit Anna Korolenko
The ability to shut down the upper brain functions of surrounding individuals

Oil secretion Howie Kaplan
The ability to secrete oil from one’s hands

Omnilingualism Traveler
The ability to automatically understand all verbal and non-verbal communication

Persuasion Eden McCain, Kelly
The ability to force others to obey one’s spoken commands

Phasing D.L. Hawkins, Samir Mellouk,
Peter Petrelli (lost)
The ability to pass through solid objects at will

Phoenix mimicry Unknown Draph
The ability to possess traits remenicent of a phoenix, including reincarnation, flight, and pyrokinesis

Plant growth Au Co, Ian Michaels
The ability to accelerate plant growth

Plant manipulation Brendan Lewis,
Theodore van den Burg
The ability to mimic and create plants and other vegetation

Poison emission Maya Herrera (lost) Arthur Petrelli
The ability to harm or kill people in the immediate area by emitting a deadly poison

Precognition Isaac Mendez, Usutu Peter Petrelli
Arthur Petrelli
The ability to accurately predict future events through paintings

Precognitive dreaming Angela Petrelli Peter Petrelli (lost)
The ability to see the future through dreams

Primal rage Ricardo Silva
The ability to induce an uncontrollable rage in others

Puppet master Eric Doyle
The ability to control the motor functions of people and objects

Pyrokinesis Meredith Gordon, Flint Gordon, Jr.,
Peter Petrelli (lost)
The ability to create and control fire using the power of the mind

Rapid cell regeneration Claire Bennet, Peter Petrelli (lost), Arthur Petrelli
The ability to heal wounds quickly without any scarring

Sedation Unknown victim Samson Gray
The ability to lull victims into a sedated state

Seismic burst Mr. Shaw, Mr. Taylor
The ability to repel objects away from one’s self

Shape shifting James Martin, Josh Davis Sylar,
Peter Petrelli
The ability to shift ones physical characteristics

Shattering Trevor Zeitlan, Pearl Sylar (lost)
The ability to shatter objects without physical contact

Sound absorption Agent
The ability to absorb and nullify sound waves

Sound manipulation Echo DeMille,
Jesse Murphy Sylar
The ability to manipulate sound waves using one’s voice

Space-time manipulation Hiro Nakamura
Arnold Peter Petrelli (lost), Arthur Petrelli
The ability to alter the space-time continuum, including slowing down, speeding up, reversing, stopping, moving backwards and forwards through time, and moving instantaneously through space

Spider mimicry Caleb
The ability to turn one’s body into a spider-like creature

Spontaneous combustion Amanda
The ability to cause things to catch fire

Super speed Agent, Daphne Millbrook,
Peter Petrelli (lost)
The ability to move at a higher rate than normal

Supercharging Ando Masahashi (synthetic)
The ability to emit a red-colored beam of energy which can be used for a multitude of effects

Technopathy Micah Sanders
The ability to control and manipulate technology with the mind

Telekinesis Brian Davis, Richard Sylar,
Peter Petrelli (lost),  Arthur Petrelli
The ability to move objects with the mind

Telepathy Matt Parkman,
Maury Parkman, Charles Deveaux Peter Petrelli
Arthur Petrelli,
The ability to mentally control functions of the brain

Teleportation Manuel Garcia, Rachel Mills,
The ability to instantly move between two locations

Telescopic vision Donna Dunlap
The ability to see clearly in darkness and magnify vision to various levels

Temporal rewind John Mulligan
The ability to rewind time

Terrakinesis Sparrow Redhouse,
Samuel Sullivan Peter Petrelli
The ability to control geologic materials such as dirt and rocks

Underwater breathing Alex Woolsly
The ability to breathe underwater

Wall crawling Harmon
The ability to crawl up walls effortlessly

Water mimicry “Liquid man”, Donald Essex
The ability to mimic water

Weather control Alice Shaw
The ability to control the weather

These are all things any human can master. I AM going to be able to place my name in every box because that is what being a true human is supposed to be and what humans were able to do before the contracts with the dark forces. Which we talked about in issue #4. The only things needed to be able to remember these abilities is connection with your spirit. Practice and letting go of all fear of these abilities and doubt that you have these abilities. Created in the image of God means a lot of things. Being so good looking is just one.

Future of Earth 

The truth is the future that has not already been written. It changes with every waking human. Through consciousness thought and actions. The old time line said there would be floods and natural disasters many deaths and humans would remain on earth while it happened, if the Great Awakening was not a success. But it was, so Humans went on to a new time line where humans and earth ascend and ones who chose too will be taken off planet to continue their soul evolution. Here is an outline of what the future could be if Humans willed it to happen. Simply by imagining it. Thought creates reality.

2015 or Sooner

What Does the Future Look like? The Event takes place. We talked about the event in issue #5. The event will be given the go a head by the Creator it self. The signal will be a flash of light that comes straight from the galactic central sun as we learned about in issue #6. Pleyadean’s will give the call to the Resistance movement and so on from there. The first action made will be to close down all Banks around the entire world. The military will be backing up local law enforcement. The banks will remain closed till the arrests are made.

The banks are closing for 2 reasons. 1 so the humans being arrested won’t have access to their funds and won’t be able to leave the country. The 2nd reason is to implement the reformation act of 1999. Also talked about in issue #6. This will reset all debt to zero. All credit will be forgiven and Zeroed out. The entire banking system will be transferred to the new BRICS development Bank and a new currency backed by real gold and silver will be introduced. The court system will be return to constitutional law. The IRS and the Federal Reserve will both be sued and forced to pay back all money they have illegally acquired over the years. At the same time the military will be removing corrupt politicians, bank CEOs and world leaders from their respected offices. All done in a peaceful and non violent manner.

This will happen in the very early morning and most of the arrests will be televised by certain media companies that have already agreed to air them. The banks are planning to re-open as soon as the arrests are made and the new system is transferred over. The time frame the military are trying to work in is 4 days total. At the end of the 4 days the banks will reopen and you will notice a little bit more money then you had before the banks closed. In issue 5 we talked about the resistance movement and all the illuminati funds they have been able to reclaim. Including the worlds Gold that was said to be missing. Over 900 trillion dollars in gold, silver and currency from around the world.

Each human over the age of 18 will receive a chunk of that money and the rest will go toward creating the future we deserve and want. Humanitarian projects. Getting all homeless of the streets. Cleaning our oceans and air. Many inventions that were held back by the government or who ever will be released. Over 600 including many of Nicola Teslas Invention. Free energy introduced. This will all take place within the first few weeks of the event.


Following the 4 days, there will be elections held to vote in new and honest leaders and politicians that will put the people and environment first. Many more inventions will be introduced that have already been put into mass production by our loving fellow star nations. The absolute truth about humanity and existence will be told to the masses. For many it will be a difficult time and for others a time of joy and abundance.

“How to Prepare For The Event”

Excerpt From: Resistance, Cobra. “The Event.”

“Keep an extra 2 weeks of food and water on hand, starting now.

Make sure you and your loved ones have an up-to-date supply of any medicines that might be required.

Keep extra cash hidden away at your home.

Gas up your vehicle when the tank is ½ empty.

Stay in touch with the Prepare for Change Network for updates.

Educate yourself, friends and family members.

Get together in groups each Sunday and do the Planetary Liberation Meditation and focus on bringing in The Divine Goddess Energy.

Be sure to remain calm and centered and to encourage others at the time of the event and the weeks following”


Weeks and months following “The Event”

Very shortly after the event takes place the Galactic Federation of Light who we have talked about in issue #4, 5, & 6 will make contact with the people of earth first on TV. They will arrange an interview with the new and improved media. When the time comes they will bring many members of the Galactic Federation that are not humanoid. This will be a test for humans to see how we react. If the test goes well. More positive ET races from all over our galaxy will come to make contact with individuals around the earth. Mostly they will be visited by beings from their own planetary origins.

How to Prepare for Contact

The law of non interference. This law works on many different levels. It’s main reason Is to keep species from interfering with the evolution of another species. This means not killing manipulating or enslaving another species. Believe me they are more afraid of us than we are of them as we talked about in issue #3

They will make their presence more and more noticeable over the 2 years following “The Event”. Until they feel humans will receive them with open arms and not gun fire. Over those 2 years humans will be enjoying life in abundance and at the same time sorting though their perceived history and realizing what was really going on. During this time the schools of knowledge that we talked about in issue #6 will be open for business. So any human that would like to learn their true history and abilities can come and do so. Approximately 2 years after “The Event” The Landings will start.

Look Up

If you really want to see a mother ship or UFO just look up at the night sky. Relax your self and look up at the stars. You will see them dance. In order to make contact in a more personal way, you must know which star nation you wish to make contact with. So do some homework and think about which species you gravitate or resonate with the most. Do some homework on them, learning habits and physical features. Once you know who you want to contact, decide exactly how you want them to contact you. Write down how when and where. I suggest in a meditative state for the first few times.


Once it’s written down imagine exactly what you want to happen until you can take it with out being scared or judgmental. Then when you are ready, you actually have to give them permission to contact you. They will follow the exact interaction you imagined and make you as comfortable as possible. You can ask them to give you energy or to help heal a pain you may have. The benevolent ones will do what ever you ask. They are the most gentle beings and they are very self conscious around humans because some humans can be sort of judgmental. You can just go from there at that point.

Healing Earth and Humanity

During the 2 years while the positive ETs are contacting humans all over the world, the ETs will also be assisting in the cleaning of earth. As we talked about in issue #6. They have already removed 90% of the plastic in our oceans. Link at the bottom. They will bring many gifts. New technology, cars that hover and run of the natural energy in the air. They will heal all of humanity’s wounds. This means healing mentally ill humans. Curing the sick. manifesting new limbs for amputee victims. Giving the blind their vision and the deaf their hearing.

After contact is made, and more and more of the energies and vibrations are raised enough. Humans will began making contact with ascended masters and ascended beings. They will actually come to earth and start healing humanity also. They will also be the ones to teach humans how to remember all of their natural abilities. This is the time when promises will be fulfilled. Certain beings that promised to return will.

The Landing! Yes Or No? 

2 years or so after “The Event” depending on humans ability to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward….so maybe even sooner. As we know humans are the most powerful and adaptable beings in the whole of Creation. There will be what is being called “The Landings”, the landings will be on certain locations around the world, there will be mother ships and smaller ships landing on earth to make contact with humans. It’s actually more of a reunion. Shortly after the landing, humans will be offered the chance to go onto the mother ships and travel the universe, go into the inner earth or visit the other planets in creation. Depending on where the soul decides it will be best. This is happening for 2 reasons.

image image image


What is ascension?

We spoke briefly about ascension in issue #2. We described the different levels of the 12 dimensions. Once a soul has learned all they need to learn by raising its self up the 21 levels of consciousness in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dimensions. They have learned to live as galactic beings. Peaceful and loving enough to live in the higher dimensions and among the rest of the beautiful star nations in our galaxy. The process of lifting out of the lower dimensions and ascending into the higher ones is called Ascension. Only the soul will know when it is ready to ascend. But the being the soul is inhabiting will also be aware once it is closer to the point of ascension.

Some characteristics of such a being would be loving, giving, peaceful, and happy. They would live with no fear, no doubt and no ego. They would have connection to spirit and love all nature and take care of the planet they are inhabiting. They woEuld have faith as well as spirituality.


Ascension of a Planet

The ascension of a planet is a bit more difficult. Usually when a planet ascends it needs a period of time to shake it self off and start from fresh. Our planet Earth is moving back up to the higher dimensions. (we talk about this in issue #5) Where she will be restored and made new. That means no man made buildings and roads, they will be returned to the earth. For this to happen the Earth will need a period of time to go through its changes. Land masses will raise from the oceans and others will be taken into the sea. But don’t worry. If you are prepared and know what to do, you will be long gone before this happens.

As we mentioned earth will be rising back up in dimensions to land in the 5th dimension. This will be a smooth transition for the earth. For humans its a bit more difficult. The earth is tired of all the damage. All the man made buildings and homes that were built on the backs of slaves and with the intent of evil, through greed and control must be returned to earth and earth much shake itself off and start fresh.

Humans cannot be on earth at this time. No one can survive the shifts that will occur. It will take 3000 years for the earth to return to the higher dimensions in earth time. But since humans are in space and seeing the universe where there is no time. They can return to earth when they are ready and it will be 3000 earth years later.

inventions that were held back by the government or who ever will be released. Over 600 including many of Nicola Teslas Invention. Free energy introduced. This will all take place within the first few weeks of the event.

Following the 4 days, there will be elections held to vote in new and honest leaders and politicians that will put the people and environment first. Many more inventions will be introduced that have already been put into mass production by our loving fellow star nations. The absolute truth about humanity and existence will be told to the masses. For many it will be a difficult time and for others a time of joy and abundance.

New Earth

When earth is finished shifting, humans will be able to come back and live on earth again. Unfortunately only the humans that were able to raise them selves in dimensions and ascended will be able to come back. As we said in issue #2. A soul can only see what is in its level of consciousness and dimension. Earth is to be left as natural as possible. The humans that return will have 100% consciousness and will be able to create with just a thought. We talk about this in issue 2. Humans will create beautiful crystal cities around earth. The rest will be left as natural as possible. When earth is finished shifting, humans will be able to come back and live on earth again. Unfortunately only the humans that were able to raise them selves in dimensions and ascended will be able to come back. As we said in issue #2. A soul can only see what is in its level of consciousness and dimension. Earth is to be left as natural as possible. The humans that return will have 100% consciousness and will be able to create with just a thought. We talk about this in issue 2. Humans will create beautiful crystal cities around earth. The rest will be left as natural as possible.

Stand Up!

It’s time to start creating our new future. The world is changing all around us. And it will be created in the way we want it to be. We know the universe is alive and will do what ever we want. And now that we know anything is possible as long as we can imagine it. We know how powerful we truly are. Thought creates our reality, and reality is only the moment you are in. You travel through millions of realities every day. For example, when you walk down the street. You pass people that are all in their own little worlds with their own experiences, knowledge and lives. Each one creates the reality they are living in. Each business you pass is a different reality. So one could say reality is only perception of what is happening around you at that moment.

Tools to Perfecting The Soul

Think about the future and what you want it to be like. If you want something to happen think about it and if you can make an action to get the universe moving.

Practice positive thinking– Look for a bright side in every situation. Sit and imagine a beautiful scenario that ends in a very positive way. For a couple minutes a day. For example imagine what it will be like when the healing of humans begins. Gaining vision and hearing back, humans being able to walk for the first time. When you do this correctly you will feel amazing energies rush through your body. It means it’s working. Every positive thought you have will be displayed somewhere on earth at some point. The more you think about that scenario, the faster it will come into reality.

Multi Dimensional– Since humans are both energy and matter we are multi-dimensional. A multi-dimensional being has the ability to go into a state of relaxation, concentration, and connection to the soul. When the human body is in this state the energy/ soul of the being is free to travel. This is meditation. But only a small part. There are many forms of meditation and even more uses and benefits.

Prayer- Prayer is used to Thank the Creator and Mother Father God, and all the rest of your guides and mentors and whom ever else you want to give thanks to. Prayer is not supposed to be used to ask A Higher Spirit for something material. It’s to give thanks, to ask questions and to ask for guidance.


Meditation– you will receive the answers for the questions you asked in your prayers. In a meditative state a human can connect with their soul, mentors and guides and many other beings. This is very important if we want to create our own reality. Those are the people necessary to create the reality you favor. So the more of a connection you have, the stronger and faster your reality will manifest. Using a standing meditation made famous by Wang Xiang. This method of Gigong is designed to build up enormous amounts of stored energy that is primarily used for self defense and is applied with attacking and defending techniques.

Chi or (Qi) Is an Empty Force. The highest Martial Arts skill in China, an extraordinary technique which utilizes the power of the body’s vital ENERGY or CHI (qi). With this a human has the ability to move people without touching them, causing them to sway under the control and often fall down.

Bruce Lee two finger pushup maxresdefault

Lin Kong Jing(Powerful Empty Force”) is a standing meditation Buddhist method of the Hsing-i school of internal martial arts made famous by Wang Xiang Zhai. This method of martial qigong is designed to build up enormous stores of energy that is primarily used for self-defense situations, and is applied with attacking and defending.


Zhan Zhuang Qigong has healing methods. It may be used to heal another person’s pain or even the pain from your own self body. Of course, this healing affect drains the healer of their stored up energy and many times takes days even weeks to regain your strength back, as at times, the person using this healing process may even absorb this ailment. So it’s very important to practice and communicate with your guides mentor when doing these types of exercises.


You body naturally heals it self on the outside. You have the power to heal your body on the inside also. It just takes the right energy.

Grounding- is one of the most important practices a human can have. Just like electrical power, humans need to ground them selves a few times a day. When a human is not grounded, the mind is not focused. Instead it is running is circles, disoriented and unfocused. And this will leave a human more prone to anger and impatience. By Grounding a human will connect with the earth to balance the energies as they come. There are many ways to found the easiest way is to walk around in the grass barefoot. Or if their is a beach near by plant your feet in the sand or even better just were the water and sand meet.grounding

Another way to ground is to close your eyes and imagine your legs and feet as tree trunks roots exiting your feet and going straight into the ground all the way to the core of the center of the earth.  That is a direct connection to the earth. You will be completely Grounded. Able to think and process information much easier.

Planetary Meditations

Planetary meditation is happening all over the world tonight don’t miss it.

This upcoming Sunday night(Western Hemisphere) and Monday Morning (Eastern Hemisphere) we will have a vital opportunity to bring peace to our home planet. This is the 6th of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares over the years 2012 to 2015. The last one occurred at the first IS:IS Activation on April 20-21.

We did not have a large amount of participation then, and this resulted in only a partial success:

Given this, I urge everyone to take a half-hour of their time to focus their intention on the activation at

the critical times. Please see the following links regarding information on how to participate:

1. Therese Sumner – Important Update Regarding IS:IS Activation Pt 2



To the extent that you are multilingual, please post this information on other blogs. In the second of the three links above (literally, #2) to 2012 Portal, Cobra has provided videos in twelve different languages describing the meditation/activation.

Additionally, we have a guided meditation on the Prepare For Change website which corresponds to Cobra’s instructions on the final of the three links above (#3):

Lastly, Cobra has a clock on his blog which counts down the time to the IS:IS Portal Activation Part II.

This is located in the upper right-hand portion of the front page.

Victory of the Light is near!

Nova Biscotti

So Hard to Say GoodBye

The time has now come for us to part ways, this is not good bye because we are all connected. I hope you have learned something from these articles. The main purpose for these articles is to get you to ask questions and notice the problems happening. The 2nd purpose was to inspire and show you all the changes that are coming with the hopes you would get involved and be apart of the change. We are humans. We are The Creator soul and we live forever. We are all part of a huge loving family that cares about you and will do anything for you. We are all love and at the end of the day we are Free.



I am doing this because I know the average person is busy and doesn’t have time to search for answers like I have. I will give sources and pictures and answer any questions. I AM doing this freely. If you feel the need to donate, please donate to one of the charities we assist or choose a charity of your own and donate. All I ask is that you hear me out and make your own decisions. My goal is to make you think. That’s it! I promise you I won’t tell you anything I don’t know is truth. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do have a clear understanding of the entire picture. Over 20 years of searching for answers to questions like why are we here, who are we, where did we come from and where are we going. I have studied all major religions Western and Eastern and I have kept up with spiritual and scientific discoveries about us and about the universe over the years. I have always asked questions and followed my heart. I am connected with spirit. I don’t have a religion. I have a deep connection with Earth and I am one with God. I follow the laws of creation and I use the laws of nature to create my reality. I AM that I AM.
Previous Articles and Sources
Previous issues 1-5

Issue #1 “So Many Questions”

Issue #2 “The Creator and his Souls”

Issue #3 “The Milky Way galaxy and it’s dark side”

Issue #4 Earth and Its Family

Issue #5 “The Human Beauty”

Issue #6
“The Great Human Awakening”


Humans and their history


Truth about Heaven and the universe

Russian boom of alien races!!


“My first contact” by Sheldon Nidle

“Our galactic neighbors” by Sheldon Nidle
Both great books if you are ready to make contact.

NASA prepare for disclosure

Galactic federation cleaning oceans?
Laws of universe

Light ships

Laws of creation

5 thoughts on “World Of Truth – Part 7

  1. Greetings once more. I continuously thank you for your efforts and enlightening information. You have mentioned formation of schools for Awakening, and i am more interested to receive more information concerning that aspect, in terms of how can one be part of the process and formation of such schools in my own country. To be honest i was given a mission related to that, and when you mentioned it i started focusing on it. Would you kindly assist with any form of additional information relating to it?


    1. That is amazing!! You will be the one to create the school in your own country or state. I am the one to do it in my state. I have been given the same guidance. So far I know the first school is being created in Ireland. They actually invite us their to help create it. If this is what you really feel you should do. I would look into it and try and contact an lady name Victoria Keen.

      It will be a very important mission. She has the contacts and the schools won’t be able to be set up till after the event when the humanitian funds are released. I also suggest you meditate and invite your guides to come and give you more details. They are the ones that are focusing your thoughts on this. Peace and love to you. I will keep in contact with you. So if I get any more infor on the progress or connections I will pass them on. Thank you for your work. We have much much more to do. Huge changes are coming with the huge success of the goddess energy last night.


  2. This is a great series of articles, that is a must read for every human residing on planet Earth.
    It’s like a “User Manual” for understanding the reality of this present life.
    Thank you for doing this work!


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