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More Details #1

The Awakened

Peace and love to everyone!! I am so happy to be back with great news! Many of you read the final World of Truth issue #7 on December 14, 2014. Some of you may remember I mentioned a worldwide meditation and you may have even participated in it. This meditation was a great success. With this, I want to let you know what the result of the meditation was and what the next step will be.

As I mention in issue 7, the future of Earth is not written, it changes with every awakening human. More and more people are waking up and are begging and searching for the truth. We as awakened humans, we know the truth cannot be gained from the mainstream media, most of our leaders, the government or history books. We must search and ask questions ourselves. We awakened are self-educated. We have learned to feel with our hearts and discern information. We have learned to feel the words. Resonate the words and let your energies and instincts decide if they are true or not. This is most effective when the person is knowingly practicing, just like all human abilities we must practice.

Power Of Distraction

In today’s world we are bombarded with technologies. These technologies are given to the masses for many reasons. They tend to keep us content and somewhat satisfied, to keep the flow of money moving up, they create health problems like cancer, back pain, arthritis, eye problems among many others. The biggest reason is to distract us because when you are distracted then your focused on the screen and not thinking for yourself.

When you’re not thinking, you’re not creating. When you’re not creating, you’re not progressing. You’re just there, stagnate. That is where they want you to be – unconscious and ripe for the programming to begin.


Dark Envy

As awakened humans, we are aware of the dark forces. We are not completely and consciously aware of the many technologies they use on us. Since I AM not here to scare I will just say, be aware of your thoughts. They may not be your own.

As we learned about in issue # 3, there are many dark forces in our Milky Way Galaxy who want nothing more than to stop all spiritual work and the awakening of humans. Whether by spreading love, knowledge or healing people physically or mentally, mass awakening is what the dark forces fear the most. Loving beings sharing knowledge and love with other beings disrupt their plans and threatens their supremacy. Awakening others is a very big deal for them.

Light workers and volunteers will constantly be attacked, in many different ways by the dark forces. At present, as we talked about in issue # 6, the presence of the dark forces in our solar system in a physical form have been completely removed, but in the etheric plane, they are quite active. Their number one weapon of choice is to use unknowing light workers and their emotions and thoughts. As I explained in issue #7, all of creation communicates with each other through something known as telepathy. The dark forces use telepathy to suggest negative thoughts to light workers – when the person is thinking their thoughts are actually their own when they are not. Since hardly anyone is aware of this, it is used on many humans to agitate or antagonize another human and especially light workers and volunteers making them question their work, their thoughts, their beliefs, and their friendships.

image12Stop Focusing on the Old

I give you this knowledge about the dark forces to make you aware. I do not want you to over think things. If we continue to focus on the old, how are we ever going to create the new? We as humans need to be consciously aware of the certain technologies used on us like the vaccines and chemical trails.

If you know you have something important to do and began to feel the procrastination starting to creep in on you. Fight it and take care of business. Stay focused on what you want to accomplish and you will be creating your own reality. This is just one step out of the reality created for us.

Another way to step out of that reality is by not focusing on the negative. Yes, to a certain point you may be spreading awareness. But, by just pointing out the problems without a solution, you are just contributing to the fear of the masses. By bringing awareness and a solution, you point out the problem and how to solve it.

The Masses Gone Mad

After THE EVENT humans will either be very happy or very sad. Some will be sad because most are not prepared for the shock that their whole life has pretty much been a lie. We humans whether awakened or not are strong and we must pick up the pieces of our shattered reality and move on.

The masses are kept in such fear, doubt and ego, that their vibrations are too low, this is why they are so afraid to search or even listen to the truth about this reality. They’re not proud of this. It bothers most of them. They’re not happy. Believe me they feel the changes coming. As soon as the arrest of the prominent figures such as I previously mentioned, they will snap out of the daze and start to realize something is happening and it’s a good thing. Their vibrations will start to rise. As more arrests begin to come forward, they will begin to search for truth. They will remember a friend talking about this. They will come to us for guidance and answers. We need to be prepared.

Remember the masses will be in fear for the first few days until the media coverage starts. It is your job as awakened and prepared humans to help calm and relay the news of the event to those in your community. This is vital. Violence cannot be tolerated. This is a peace revolution. It’s our job as awakened humans to be the leaders and help the sleeping masses learn the truth in the easiest and quickest form possible. These articles are just one form of truth that can be given to the masses to help settle their anxiety and fear. This was the true purpose behind these articles, to see if enough humans resonated with the information given them and to see whether it would be a possible form of truth sharing after the event.

image6Am I, Light Worker?

There have been many questions as to who is what. Here is how it goes.

Volunteers are souls from the higher dimensions that were reincarnated on earth to help the planet and its nature through ascension. They are the psychics, teachers, healers, speakers and humans with amazing abilities, that motivate and push awaken light workers to keep searching for knowledge and remembering who they were. And at the same time sharing as much knowledge and love as they can.

A light worker is any awakened human who spreads the light of love and knowledge.

The masses are the humans that are still asleep. They are very skeptical and have a hard time believing what they can’t see, measure of proof in the 3D way of thinking.

You may be surprised to find out who is awakened and who is asleep. Never judge a book by its cover. This has never been truer. I, personally listen to my heart when in conversations with another. Listening to words or points of view helps a lot. All that we hear on the media is negative, especially about Russian president Vladimir Putin. Here is a quote he recently made at the 15th Congress of the Russian Geographical Society, about his personal view of the meaning of life, “The meaning of our whole life and existence is love, it is love for the family, for the children, for the motherland. This is a multifaceted phenomenon; it lies at heart of any of our behaviors.”

The Awakens Job

The future is dependent on the ability of us, the awakened to visualize and to spread our knowledge and love now and especially at the time of the event. “The Event” will happen; this is what we are all preparing for. Gathering as much information as we can, changing the way we live and think. Searching for a higher force and questioning the government. We are preparing for the coming changes. On a soul level, we are aware of all the things the future holds. This is why we are getting so excited and starting to get anxious about the future because we all know something huge is going to happen.


“The Event”

Before I start I would just like to mention, I personally have looked into every aspect of the event and can say with certainty all these things are happening and have been in the process of happening for more than five years.


It is what is needed, in the most peaceful way possible. It has been approved by The Creator itself. Earth is the last occupied planet the dark forces have under their control in our galaxy and this will be the place where evil finally gives up and returns to the light.

It will be The Creator that gives the call to when it happens. As I said in issue # 6, at the moment The Creator “feels” the consciousness of the masses are raised enough and there are enough awakened humans to be able to keep order at the time of The Event, the call will be made. It will be the awakened that keep the order as far as spreading the truth because the awakened have learned nothing will ever be solved by war. Peace is what is needed and we are the ones to bring it!! Keeping people calm. We will be sharing our knowledge and information with all who needs it.


So what Happened??

The goddess meditation opened up some huge opportunities for us.

1. 144,000 humans is all we needed to join in the meditation. We did not reach that number, but there was a presence on the surface of Earth that joined humans for the global meditation. With those extra beings help, we actually did reach the 144,000 mark. We were able to anchor enough of the energies so that the Earth will be able to absorb the shock of the blinding flash of light just before The Event.

2. The arrests of humans like George Bush and Cheney for war crimes. When this happens in the very near future, the consciousness of the masses should reach the level that we need to satisfy The Creator and release the blinding flash of light throughout the entire Universe. This is the sign to our surrounding star nations to start The Event. No matter where you are, you will feel it and you will know something is different.

3. Everything we do now will be multiplied. This means all the love, knowledge, positive vibrations and attitudes will go much further and reach more people.

4. The meditation opened portals for higher vibrational entities to be more active and helpful to the rebuilding of our Earth. These higher dimensional entities need sacred pieces of land. This means the land does not get trimmed, cut, or mowed. All it takes is a promise to nature. An area of about 12×12 feet or more would be best. If you do not have this space at your home, you can go to the nearest forest or jungle areas, grass land swamp lands, lakes and rivers will work great. Just go to this area, imagine a line and create a circle or square around this area. No matter how large. Then mantralize the vowels, “Owahhhhhhhhhhh Oehhhhhh.”……. Actually, lets just say it in English. It would work but i really don’t know what i was saying… so, instead say “My beautiful Earth and to all its nature in the non physical realms, I promise this space to you. i promise to never mow and to never cut a branch or tree in this sacred space” and that’s it. If we can create enough of these sacred spaced throughout the plant we will anchor enough of the higher dimension to help move the planet through its ascension much easier.

image1 image2

These pictures were taken on Saturday morning at my Brothers house in CA, I promise you I did no photo-shop work to the images. The Glow is the plants natural Aura. With the new energies arriving on earth this will start to be more and more noticeable throughout all of nature. This is a example of what your plants and flowers will look like in the sacred spaces you create for the nature realm to inhabit.

image7Visualizing Our New Earth

As we already know, everything is created by thought. When we all of us visualize the same thoughts, we will be working together to create the peaceful and loving future we want and deserve. We are going to practice a form of positive visualization that I like to use.

This form of positive thinking / visualizing is also a very strong healing tool. I, on accident healed both my knees, while I was driving in my car practicing positive visualization (I do not recommend doing this while driving.) After I felt the energy I created in my heart, I kept thinking of different happy thoughts and the energy kept spreading from my heart to my crown and down to my knees. I continued to think of positive thoughts and the energy then spread throughout my whole body. I vibrated very happily for about 20 minutes. Many changes came to after this happened but the largest where my knees didn’t hurt after 15 years of pain. Now, 4 months later, I have felt no pain at all. I also lost my asthma and the emptiness in my heart was gone or should I say filled. I then began to really feel the connection to my soul. So, be aware.

Since this is a form of meditation before you start, make sure you can get comfortable and ground yourself. You can easily ground yourself by closing your eyes; imagine your heart is growing roots from it. The roots are moving down your body and out the bottom of both your feet. The roots go straight into the dirt and connect directly to the center of the earth. if you can imagine this connection then you are now grounded. Hold that connection for a few seconds.I would like you to visualize and actually see everything I am describing. Do this in your own way. I will give a description of the possible future. Remember, the future will be what humans make it. Imagine the future you want.


Life After “The Event”

1. Arrests of various factions of the Cabal such as the Jesuits and the Rothschilds, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Bushes, the Rockefellers and Kissingers, have already been severed warrants. The Bushes and their administrations court day was actually on September 11th 2014. The arrests of these people will be made by police and military and many will be televised.

Have no fear or apathy for these people. They will be tried and found guilty. How we as new humans decide to deal with them will be on us. I suggest a galactic form of rehabilitation….

Imagine: You wake up and turn on the TV. George W. Bush is giving a speech about how great he is…. behind him is his former administration including his Vice President. “Thank you ladies and gentlemen. We are so happy to do whatever we can, to continue to rule and contr……..” From the right, you see 10 police officers in SWAT gear walking on to the stage. With ten more armed U.S. Marines behind them. The police walk up to Bush and ask him to please get down on his knees and then request the same to his administration. Bush and his administration willingly and happily follow the orders of the police. They start to read them their rights and place them in handcuffs. The crowd stands up and starts to cheer and applaud while bush and his administration are escorted off the stage.

Remember this is cause of celebration. This is a sign that the old tyrannical way of leading is over. Many on Earth will rejoice and after the process of teaching the masses is over. All will rejoice.

image92. After the arrests of major politicians and the resignation of many more. It will be time for the people of Earth to restore the government “for the people, by the people”, with people’s best interests in the forefront.

Imagine: New leaders voted in with NO personal agendas and with only one interest, the people.

Picture new court systems that are based on constitutional law.

School systems that teach real knowledge.

New standards on agriculture and animal rights.

Clean energies and healing technologies readily available and free of charge.

3. Trillions of dollars returned to mankind. We spoke about the world’s gold, silver and the cash that was confiscated from the Illuminati’s private funds in issue #5. This money will be returned to humanity, a percentage will be given to all humans over the age of 18. The rest will be used for various humanitarian programs and invested to keep it growing. At the same time, all debt and credit will be forgiven.

Imagine: The banks reopen and you see the $432.32 you had before they closed and notice another $100,000 added to your account. You then notice all your credit card debt is forgiven and reset to $0. Think about what you will do with your new abundance and new free time?

4. Borders will be taken down. No one owns the Earth. No borders. One race united in love.

Imagine: To be able to travel wherever you want. To see the most beautiful parts of the world freely without having to worry about getting a passport, visa or passing through airport TSA and security ever again.

Right now, it cost so much to travel. The most common reason for a person to leave their home country is to make more money. If everyone is living in abundance, then humans will more likely only travel to vacation, not to sacrifice their family and friendships in search of a better life.

5. Humanitarian Projects created and the worlds aged, sick, and inferred taken care of. Creating homes for homeless and tent cities. Finding loving families for misplaced children.


Imagine: All the worlds aged, sick and handicap being taken off the streets and given homes and the proper attention, whether mental or physical. Imagine, all Homeless off the street and treated for mental illness and deceases. To be mentored and rehabilitated. Being able to willingly return and be accepted back in society. Misplaced children will be taken out of the corrupt and abused child services program, and the process for adoption will be much easier. So loving couples will be able to have the family they always wanted.

6. Science will tell us the truth. We will be told what really happens in the universe. The truth about ET’s, Creation and God.

imageImagine: World leaders coming out and admitting ET life is real. Telling all humanity how amazing and full of life our universe is. Sharing the knowledge we need to progress in our soul evolution. Sharing the truth that there is an almighty power behind everything. Imagine all humans all around the world being connected to that power and connecting with their own soul.

7. After the schools of knowledge are open. All the great teachings of the past will be taught in its correct and original form. Pain and suffering will end rapidly. Mentally and physically. Humans will be able to learn their true past and the plans for the future. Learning their abilities and what is needed for their soul evolution. Being healed by and made new again. Once the ascended masters come the schools will be a place for all to be completely healed. This includes new limbs for amputees. Restoration of all senses.


Imagine: A person who has been in a wheel chair and never stood up on their own feet before. Imagine their joy when they stand for the first time. When they run and dance for the first time. Imagine severe mental illness being completely healed. Picture a person who has been blind most of their lives seeing their children and family for the first time.

8. Free energy introduced. Worldwide communications made available. Deserts will be irrigated and food will be grown and no one will be hungry. Damns will be removed so that water will flow freely as it was intended. Old technologies will be obsolete. New techniques introduced. New alternatives for transportation will be made available. Massive changes like flying cars and Hoverctafts that run off natural energy that is in the air.

Sky and debris will be cleared so humans will be able to see the real universe. The way it was intended.

Imagine: Step outside your front door. You immediately notice the absence of noise pollution, all the noise from car engines and airplanes are completely gone. Only hearing the laugher and joy in the air. You look around and everyone is happy and there are no more homeless or people suffering. There is enough food and water for everyone. Picture the deserts now being used to grow fruits and vegetables and rivers and lakes flowing with pure natural water. Picture free energy devices the size of briefcases running all the power you need for free. Now air and noise pollution are obsolete.

9. The Lion will lay with the Lamb. There will be no more war or violence on Earth ever again.

Imagine: A world where there is no war. There is no killing or negativity in any way. Everyone has a connection to the Creator and their own spirit. Imagine seeing the lion running and aging with the antelope and other animals in nature. Imagine all humans helping and caring for one another with no interest in color or beliefs just helping because it is the right thing to do.

10. New wages, and new jobs will be created. Jobs you actually want to do. Everyone will choose to work, travel the universe or start a family. They will be given money from the new government to help with either decision. Everyone will have everything they need to live comfortably for free. Everyone who chooses to work will have something to do. Work will be a joy because the amount of creativity in the air will be pungent and endless. There will be no shortage of work with all the new technologies and responsibilities. The arts will explode with positivity and love and will be transformed into beauty we have never seen on earth.

Imagine: A three-day work week, only working 4 hours a day. The rest of time you can travel around the Earth and see all the beautiful landscapes and places that were kept hidden from the masses.

11. All current judicial laws will be repelled and constitutional law will be returned to America. Prisoners will be healed and counseled. No more IRS. Taxes will only be on new items and the amount will be voted on.

Imagine: An honest and transparent court system. Where a human can represent themselves and not feel the pressure of judicial court and all its sub laws. Imagine the IRS being sued and forced to pay back all monies illegally and fraudulently taken from the people. Imagine not having to pay sales tax on items that are used. Only pay taxes on new items. Picture the tax money being used for the purpose it was intended. Imagine the cleaning and the healing of our planet.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you can practice imagining these changes a few minutes a day, it will have huge affects and will help speed up the process. Have you ever wondered why time seems to be moving so fast? It’s because it is. Time is not real. It’s a perception so because all humans on Earth are asking for change. The universe is creating our thoughts and making them happen. Since so many humans are asking, the universe is speeding everything up so it will happen sooner. If you think about it. Humans are picturing change and the universe is making it happen as fast as possible. Keep this in mind. Over the next few years time will start to move faster and faster. Prepare yourself.

Thank You

We are at the end of this edition of The World of Truth. As always, I am so happy to be able to bring you this information and news. I hope you have enjoyed our time together. Please look for more updates soon. Also, I have been working on a miniseries. They will be short articles, going into more detail on specific events in which I may have mentioned in the main 7 issue series. They will be titled – World Of Truth – More Details. So if you have any topics you would like me to elaborate on, please leaves comment with your suggestions. Thank you so much for your time and beautiful comments. Peace and love to you and all of creation.

image13I AM

I am doing this because I know the average person is busy and doesn’t have time to search for answers like I have. I will give sources and pictures and answer any questions. I AM doing this freely. If you feel the need to donate, please donate to one of the charities we assist or choose a charity of your own and donate. All I ask is that you hear me out and make your own decisions. My goal is to make you think. That’s it! I promise you I won’t tell you anything I don’t know is truth. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do have a clear understanding of the entire picture. Over 20 years of searching for answers to questions like why are we here, who are we, where did we come from and where are we going. I have studied all major religions Western and Eastern and I have kept up with spiritual and scientific discoveries about us and about the universe over the years. I have always asked questions and followed my heart. I am connected with spirit. I don’t have a religion. I have a deep connection with Earth and I am one with God. I follow the laws of creation and I use the laws of nature to create my reality. I AM that I AM.

Issues 1-7

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“My first contact” by Sheldon Nidle

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9 thoughts on “World Of Truth

  1. How i wish this would happen! Im tired of life as i live it…..always wishing for a change…but it never comes…..always questioning what is the meaning of this life…. is this not going to happen? Was this an old article? You were speaking of bush being arrested etc., but obama has been in office for years!


    1. This is all happening and the article is about 1 week old now. If you want change, you have to start from within. If everyone changed their selves we would all be happy. If you go back to the 7 article series you will find your answers and you can also see the many many changes happening around the world. I give many sources and details. Peace and love. Good luck. The arrests of bush and his administration will be happening in the next few months. If you do the Visualizations at the end of this article. You will do your part to speed up this whole process. It is literally in the hands of humans. We are being given all the help we need right now and their is nothing that can stop us. Freedom is ours and we will be happy and living in abundence in the near future. All signs pointing to this happening before the end of the year. Peace and love. Let me know if you have more questions


  2. So glad I found this page and THANK YOU for all your time and effort in putting this together. I’ve been fingering bits and pieces of new information lately but your articles just resonated with me and put it all together, I look forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, you are very welcome, thank you so much for your kind words. I am soooooo happy to hear that these words are reaching you. This was one of the main reasons for me to write these articles. To make the search for truth easy and leave no room for doubt. You will definitely be hearing more. Are their any topics that you would like o hear more details on? Peace and love to you and thank you for your beautiful words.


  3. Thank you so much for your kind words. You are very very welcome. We are always try and stay positive. People already now how bad things are. We are here to encourage and motivate humans to stop focussing on the old ways and start creating the changes they want. We have lots of help but we must start the work our selves to show our helpers we are serious. Peace and love to you. Thank you so much for reading.


  4. I appreciate the work that you do. I am AWAKENED. But the TRUTH that I KNOW tells me that all of time exists in a single moment of NOW. In that moment, the past, present, and future collapse and all occur simultaneously. As a result, the future has already occurred. (5th Dimension) and everything will be fine. I am HUMAN. And I have ABSOLUTE FAITH in hUmaNITY. This process of LOVE will unfold in a manner that is organic, unexpected, and beautiful in its simplicity. Love compassion, and forgiveness will be expressed intrinsically by mankind.,, meaning that we as a species will come together and not be troubled with the atrocities of the past. There will be no need for arrests to be made. We will rise above and come together to celebrate our triumph over the Darkness. And everything will be fine. Help is HERE already. For the Global awakening has already been a success. No need for worry or fear. We have won.


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