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More Details Issue #3

Preparing For Ascension and Migration

Peace and love to all of you beautiful souls out there. I AM so happy to be back with some more information on our future as a soul, people and species. As always, I AM In joy and grateful for all your loving comments and shares.

Today we are going to learn more details about life on and inside other planets, how to prepare for contact with ET’s and ascended beings, how to prepare for ascension.

Stay Focused

Right now is the time to stop being distracted. It’s time to be happy and remember who you are. With the event at our door steps and the amount of information and help the positive ET’s are giving us. We don’t have anything to worry about. Above all right now is the time for spirit connection. We need to connect to our spirits and ask what your purpose is. Why are you on Earth right now? What is your mission if you are a light worker? Where is your future home going to be if you are migrating? How to prepare for ascension? Connecting to spirit is explained and directions are given in More Details issue #2.

Many 3D Planets – Only one Like Earth

Earth is a very unique planet. Our solar system is one of the only ones in our galaxy with three water worlds. Our Earth is one of those water worlds and also has the characteristics of more than 20 different planets all rolled into one. It has the ability to sustain almost every form of life. Earth has a sample of life from every inhabited planet in our universe – so much history over the past 1 billion years. Many species have come and gone, and Earth has lived in many different dimensions. When Earth was first discovered by explorers, it was in the 9th dimension, in that dimension all life on the planet speaks and everything is in joy because in the 5th dimension and up there is no evil, death, pain or sickness. This is where earth is headed as we mentioned in issue #6 & 7.


Before the contracts with the dark forces earth was in the 6th dimension and there was no evil, it was “paradise”. If you search you will find the history of all cultures on Earth, of when Earth was a paradise and everything and everyone lived in joy and harmony with the planet and all species there in, and then one day humans where dropped into darkness or somehow forgot who they were. Now that the contracts are over, Earth is being raised back up to the 5th dimension. This is the reason for the event and the ET presence and all the help we are receiving from them.

Presently on Earth we have three groups of humans.

1. Humans whose soul is ready to ascend with the earth to the 5th dimension.

This is on s soul level but if you are drawn to ascension and feel the call to learn more, then most likely your soul is ready to ascend. An ascending being most

2. Humans whose soul is not ready to ascend and wishes to migrate to another planet of their soul’s choice, to continue their souls evolution.

This is on a personal level, if you feel drawn to ET’s and ufos, then most likely you will be a migrating human. The soul of a migrating human chooses to be placed on another planet. Soul connection is very important. Preparation is suggested. Try and remember everyone will be leaving earth. So you will not be alone. There are going to be plenty of resources available to everyone, no matter what your choice is.

3. Humans whose souls choose to stay on earth during shifts.

When the ascension of earth is occurring, it’s actually going to be giving birth to a new Universe. As we mentioned in issue #7 the earth will go through changes.
The Earth does not like the man-made buildings, because they were built with evil intentions to enslave. There will be large surface changes occurring and the Earth will not be inhabitable for 3000 years – which is only about 3 days outside our perception of time, in the cosmos. When this surface change occurs and the 3rd dimensional physical and nonphysical energies/souls become no longer needed on Earth, they will be push out into another part of the multiverse and become a newly born universe. The souls that choose to stay on Earth at that time will be the creators of this new universe and decide exactly how it would be created Either way good things are coming.

image26 image25

Going Back to Paradise

As quote goes, “As it was in the beginning, so shall it be at the end”, Earth will go back to being all natural, with crystal cities, as it once was. Before the dark forces came down and covered our crystal mountains with dirt. The Earth had beautiful gleaming crystal mountains of multiple colors and purposes. We don’t remember what the Earth looked like before the pollution or how crystal clear the oceans once were. When the oceans were clean and pure humans could drink from it, because ocean water has many healing properties. There are many studies being released today about this.

So it’s best to start planning and preparing your selves now for this grand occasion.

Other 3rd Dimension Planets

Remember not all 3rd dimension planets are like Earth, in fact earth is totally unique that way, it is the toughest planet to live on and survive, because of the reality the dark forces have created here. On other humanoid planets are much safer, they are actually aware of their spirit and their purpose and there are not so many distractions. There are still governments, and money and delicious foods because that is the purpose of the 3rd dimension. They are honest and tell the truth and don’t try to intentionally hurt you. They actually want their planets and inhabitants to be happy and prosper.

Life on other planets

There are many planets in our galaxy, the number is in the high billions. They are all in different dimensions. There could be a planet in our solar system closer than the moon and we would not see it if it is located in a higher dimension. As we learn in issue #3, our consciousness cannot see anything higher than the 3rd dimension. This is why Angels, ghost, fully conscious ET’s, spirits, ufos and most “fairy tale” creatures like fairies and unicorns can only be seen when they want to be seen. When earth was in the 6th dimension all those species were visible and that’s why there are so many stories still today.
As we mentioned in issue 5#, all species on Earth whether they be animal, insect, vegetable, fruit herbs, plant or flower were brought here from another planet in our universe because of a request by The Creator, there is now a “sample” of all life in our universe, here on earth. Try and picture the planets where the different species we have on Earth may have come from.

Higher Dimensional Planets

Now there are many planets with humanoids inhabiting them but imagine a planet with only cats or birds or even reptiles. They are peaceful so they would have 100% consciousness, even the humanoid planets, talked about in issue #2, which means they can access 100% of their brains, instead of only limited access, as we Earth humans have.

Imagine these species being anywhere between 1-100 inches tall. Being able to speak and create art just as we do. Creating civilizations and discovering new technologies. Depending on how advanced they are they could be traveling the galaxy looking for more planets that resemble their home planets and even colonize them if they choose to. The Creator creates many planets for all his species so they can expand explore new planets.
Even insect and rodent species that live underground can have a planet all to themselves and the surface species would most likely never know. Almost all planets have a surface, a crust loaded with different types of minerals, and a hollow core containing a miniature star with in them (Including Earth). Although the core of the planet may be in a higher dimension then the surface of the planet. As is the case on Earth.image6

image22 image37 image36 image35 image34 image33  image31 image30 image29 image28 image27 image27 (2) image23 (2)

Hollow Earth/Agartha

There are many stories about hollow Earth, many say Hitler tried for many years to gain access. There are retired pilots that have spoken out about what they saw before the North/South Pole were no fly zones. Reports of seen lush green forests and even pre historic animals like mammoths and saber tooth tigers and what looked like a giant whole at the South Pole. There are stories like Leonardo De Vinci finding a cave walking into and coming back out 2 years later. When he came out he had many wonderful stores and started drawing what some called “strange characters”. Many stories of him and Nikola Tesla being contacted by ET’s and given many ideas for their inventions. There are many underground tunnels around the world, all connecting to Agartha. There are massive cave systems in mammoth cave Kentucky, USA, in one of those cave systems has a huge whole that goes straight down to Agartha, in one of the caves.

image6 image7 image9 image10 image11 image12image1 image13 image14 image15 image16  image18 image19 image20 image21 image31 image33

Inner Earth Truth

Here is the truth. The Earth’s crust is about 700 miles deep and there are many different minerals and lava patches but it is mostly dirt. Once past the 700 miles of crust you will hit water again in some areas and in others there will be land masses. The beings that live in Agartha are 5th dimensional beings and up -s there is no evil or death. There are many different types of species that have lived there for hundreds of thousands of years in peace. Many species migrated to inner earth to survive the ice age and the great floods. Many species from Agharta have been in contact with many humans on earth and Agartha has contact physical and telepathic communications with both the Galactic Federation and the underground resistance.

Video of inner earth opening!

In More Details #1 I mention a presence on earth that joined in on the planetary liberation meditations that took place worldwide that put us over 144,000 beings and help earth anchor the new energies. It was the Agartha network of species and the resistance movement. Thank you both!!

How to make contact

There are many ways to make contact, but unless you know how, it could be a “bad trip”. There are steps that one should take to prepare both her/himself and the being you want to contact. Failing to follow the correct protocol could result in very bad beings contacting you, and not the loving beings you were hoping for. If you are ready to meet your star brothers and sisters and want it to be a happy and joyous occasion, just follow these 5 simple guidelines.

1. Do research to find the ET’s or ascended masters you would like to contact. Ascending humans will be contacting ascended beings, like Jesus Sananda among many. Migrating humans will be contacting advanced 3rd dimension ET’s , and multi-dimensional ET’s.

2. Do your research. It’s very important to find out as much about the species of ET’s you will be contacting as possible. You want to know their features, characteristics, likes and dislikes so when you make contact you know what to expect.

3. Create a plan for contact. Write down the entire experience from beginning to end. All the details for what, when, how and where it will take place. Most of the benevolent beings are very shy and self-conscious when meeting humans, because we have a tendency to judge. You will want to be comfortable when you are around them because even the humanoid ET’s will have certain obvious physical differences – such as Pleyadean’s having slightly pointed ears and being 7-8 feet tall. There are also brings as tall as 100 inches. It’s one thing to want to meet and ET, it a whole other thing to actually meet one.
4. Give permission for them to contact you. The law of non-interference doesn’t allow for a higher evolved being to interfere with the evolution of a Lower species. And a lower evolved being can only inter act with a higher evolved being if they ask for permission or are given permission so migrating humans must give the ET’s permission to contact them. And ascending humans must ask permission and give permission for an ascended being to contact them. Same would apply if a migrating human wanted to contact an ascended being.
5. Make contact. I would suggest your first contact be during meditation. So it will be in a familiar and safe environment. After a couple contacts in meditation, move out to nature or invite them into your homes, but you must turn off the electric devices before they can enter. Entering will not be a problem for higher evolved beings because most can appear and disappear at will. After a few of those contacts you could ask to visit a mothership or be show life on other planets.
Create or join local contact groups
If you are a little nervous about making contact in your own, you are encouraged to create or join local groups were you can share information and make plans for contact together. It’s also encouraged to connect with other contact groups in your area to form networks of humans all around the world.

After a Few Contacts

Once you have a few contacts under your belt, if you are a migrating human, your contacts will begin to show you other planets in our galaxy that you could continue your soul evolution. It’s very important to have a soul connection by this time. Because your spirit know what it still needs to learn in its evolution. Otherwise most humans would choose the planets where cannabis originated as their future homes…

There is plenty of time. We have at least 2 year beginning the day of the event, before the Earth starts to make it changes. During that time, we will have much ET assistance and the ascended masters will be on Earth. Humans will be living in abundance and soul connections will be much easier. Be patient and don’t worry. We are just preparing.
Spiritual Qualities of Ascension
Commitment to a Daily Spiritual Practice – Examples: creating sacred space, meditating, walking in the woods, prayer

Perceiving your Body As a Temple – As our vehicle through life, our body is sacred. So it’s important to take care of our physical health by eating wholesome foods, keeping away from harmful substances and getting enough rest and sleep.

Humbleness – Releasing self-importance, and living a simple life-style.

Service Oriented – Engaged in the good of the whole, instead of focusing on yourself

Inner strength –Knowing you have the ability to find resolution for any challenge that comes your way.

Emotional Stability – Comes when you develop transparency and heal your shadow. When this happens life drama disappears and you become an objective observer.

Compassionate, Loving & Kindness – Because you see the good in others, you remain spiritually open to everyone.

Development of Inner Peace – Comes with the release of anxiety and lower emotions.

Joyfulness – Happens when our hearts are open and we have a connection to Source. We can reach out and share our joy with others.

Understanding – Here we can be sensitive thoughtful and supportive to others, because we have the ability to forgive and be compassionate.

Insightfulness and Perceptiveness – Allows us to see with deep clarity how life truly is.
Living Life as Spirit – By unifying the two, your spirituality is carried into every waking moment and action.

Presence – Resonating a state of Beingness that is calm, present, compassionate, loving, grounded, and humble.
How to ascend
Ascending is the easy part. We will do it naturally over the next few years. It all has to do with your level of happiness, to raise your vibrations. That’s the challenge. The happier you are the higher your vibrations, the higher your vibrations the more you are conscious of and the more you can see and experience. Your natural human abilities will begin to be restored. You will stop aging and you will not me susceptible to disease, pain or illness. You will be happy all the time and you will have energy. The knowledge your soul carries of all your life times will be available to you. All fear doubt and ego will be lost. This is just the beginning. After the Master’s arrive their will be classes and training for ascending humans. its up to you to start preparing by rasing your vibrations.

How to Prepare For Paradise

Preparation for ascension is pretty much the opposite of waking up. We’re as a human that is just awakening will search for and store as much information as they can. We’re a human that is preparing for ascension, will release whatever is not needed. It’s suggested to release whatever does not make you happy, whether is a career or a person in your life because happiness is the key to ascension, it should be number one on your list.

The first step to ascension is connecting to spirit. Because the spirit carries all the knowledge it had ever acquired. So connection to spirit will allow you to tap into that knowledge. Once connection is made, you will be able to communicate with your spirit through thought.

As we mention In more details issue #2, listening to your thoughts, recognizing your thought pattern, how you come to conclusion, and how you come up with questions is very important because your spirit and guides all speak to you through thought. Acknowledge those thoughts. Thank them for the thoughts and listen to them when they suggest you do something. Your spirit, guides, and mentors will never tell you to do anything wrong and will not use profanity or negative thoughts to discourage you from something bad. More likely it will come in the form of bad feelings/energy. Yes, that is your soul telling you something is wrong when you get a “bad feeling” about a person or situation. The more you listen to their guidance, the more active they will become in your daily life.  It’s important to know when they are giving you a thought or if it your own thought conception. As we mentioned a few time already, this is also how dark forces give negative thoughts to unsuspecting humans through telepathy. They are usually the source of really negative thoughts, the ones that just sort of come out of nowhere. Usually filled with profanity and violence. More details issue #2 has detailed instructions on connecting to spirit and protecting yourself from dark force attacks.

Spirit Is That You?

Once you have your soul connection, you will begin to be guided by your soul. You will start to notice when you react out of pure instinct, you will do things perfectly. That is your spirit; your spirit is your intuition, instincts, natural reactions and gut feelings. If you ever get a feeling that you should not do something. Think about this, your spirit can see the future and knows the past and has nothing but intentions. If it’s warning you not to do something most likely your spirit already know the outcome and is trying to protect you.

Pray to Spirit

Many people say “I don’t know how to pray”. Here are some very powerful prayers you can use everyday. 2 are intended for thanking and acknowledging the spirit and 1 is just a prayer asking the Creator for its loving light of protection.

Creator God– may I please have your loving Light of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve Your Will and not my own. when you read the spirit prayer you may feel energies flow through your body. those are sent by your spirit. Acknowledge the and thank your spirit for letting feel its presence.


My Spirit Almighty,

(My Spirit who is all-knowing, almighty, and all loving in me)

Your Presence be sanctified,

(Your presence confirms to me your controlling power over all matters concerning myself.)

May your wisdom become conscious to me,

(May your power be extended in the consciousness of my thoughts in order to enable me to apply all truths, wisdom and love, peace and freedom, given to and acquired by me and all mankind)

May your power be extended in me, on earth as well as in heaven,

(May your power be extended in the consciousness of my thoughts in order to enable me to allow all truth, wisdom and love, peace and freedom, given to and acquired by me and all mankind)

Please allow and give unto me all that I need for living this day and each day;.

(Please grant me all I need for my material as well as my spiritual life and development, for you are almighty)

So that I acknowledge my errors,

(So that I may recognize my faults and eliminate them, since they hinder me on my way of evolution)

Please do not allow me to be led into temptation, nor allow me to fall into temptation’s clutches, but rather to right decision and choices through discernment and just judgments,

(Please do not let me make error by material and wrong thinking, or become dependent on beliefs alone)

For you are within and without me as power and wisdom, truth and knowledge for eternity.

(May I become conscious of your almighty forces inside me at ALL times)

Thy will be done in and through me as the creation which I AM.

Ascended Beings & Ascended Masters

Many people think the only messengers sent by mother/father God of Earth were the prophets in our holy books. I AM happy to tell you that is not true. In fact there had been 144,000 ascended masters incarnating on Earth.


The 144,000 Ascended Masters

16,000 years ago there was a task force called The Order of the Star. 144,000 beings /volunteers came forth to heal the separation on earth and integrate the darkness into the light. They did this because by that time the dark forces had too much power over humans. After only 10 years of humans being in darkness, they could already tell they were going to be many problems.
Just as they did in the 50’s, a call went out to put together a plan and help earth keep its light. Many volunteers came, 144,000 were chosen. Many of the 144,000 got pulled into karma and forgot why they came to earth and have been asleep. Many are waking up now. This is part of the reason this time around volunteers were very hesitant about incarnating on earth, because there was a chance they would not be able to remember who they were.
Their plan was for all of them to incarnate on earth as humans with great knowledge, to transform all darkness into light and heal humanity. They would keep re-incarnating wherever they can assist as many propionate figures such as Buddha, Jesus Christ/ Immanuel Sananda, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, John the Baptist, Merlin the Magician, St. Hilarion, Maitreya, Krishna, King Leonidas of Sparta, Saint Germain, Moses, Abraham, Geronimo, Bruce Lee, JFK, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Martin Luther King, the Templars, and the Light Workers. Pretty much every figure in history that left a positive imprint on our beloved Earth.



Healers Prepare

The 144,000 ascended masters will be much more active and reveal themselves after The Event. That’s when they will start to literally heal humanity. There will be a big need for healing after “The Event.” So if you are a natural energy healer or hear the calling, learn all you can, when the time comes, a call for your services will be sent out and you will assist the masters in the healing process.

Holy Grail

In case you have ever wondered, the Galactic Federation has The Holy Grail. The location of The Holy Grail is undisclosed. This chalice was made of 144,000 facets of polished moldavite. It activates the 144,000 Light Beings. Each facet contains a code for a star seed and when the light hits the facet, the star seed is activated. The 144,000 is a complex mandala, and each person will have their own role. Their awakening is crucial to the transition of the planet.

Contacting Your Ascended Masters

Abouta year following The Event ascending beings and volunteers will be contacted by ascended beings and ascended masters. At this point the ascension of the planet will be moving quicker and the new energies in earth and the raise in consciousness, we humans will be able to meet the master and ascending beings in person. Up to that point, humans vibrations and consciousness was too low to be in the physical presence of an ascended being. So this will be the time Jesus/Sananda and the rest of the masters will come back to earth. But only those who are preparing for ascension will be able to make contact with them.

They will teach you how to use the new energies and how to control and use the new level of consciousness never experienced by us present day humans. They will teach us to heal ourselves and others. They will show us what the true power of spirit can really do. Very exciting times coming. Ask yourself this, are you ready? If your answer was “no”. Don’t worry, you can start today. There is no end to the help we have at our finger tips. We will change this planet; we will bring our earth back to paradise. Nothing can stop us, but there are many things to distract us. Stay focused.

I Wanna Go Home!!

If you have said this to yourself, most likely you are a volunteer. Try to understand your soul volunteered to come to Earth because of who you are you have been a target for the dark forces. They attack light workers and volunteers the most. In more details issue #2 we give ways to protect yourself from dark forces attacks.

Your soul has a purpose for your being here. Connect to your soul and you will remember your purpose. Learn to use the laws of nature to your advantage. They will work even faster and stronger for you. Make an effort to stay focused on your mission. Make it an effort to be happy. The happier you are, the faster the higher vibrational energies you carry will suck in the ascension energies all around us and through you will ground into the earth and accelerate the ascension process on earth. Our purpose for being on this beautiful planet we currently call our home, is to bring in and anchor the ascension energies that are in the air all around us. We automatically do this without knowing. But when we do it consciously, we are anchoring even more ascension energy. Anchoring this ascension energy will accelerate the ascension process on earth. So the more we do it, on a daily basis, the faster it will happen and we can all go home.

It’s very simple to do. First I would like to mention, when we are doing any sort of meditation, it is natural for our minds to wonder. The secret of meditation and purpose is to recognize when your mind wonders and bring it back to what you want to focus on. Part of the meditation is the practice of conscious focus. Keeping your mind focused on one thing will assist you in everyday life to not get distracted by the things happening around you, so you can focus all your attention on what you choose. Remember, it’s natural for your mind to wonder during meditation. The important part is to bring the focus back. Also it doesn’t matter how long you meditate for, as long as you do it, whether it be 2 mins or 30 mins. As we mention in issue #7, the benefits of meditation are far greater than any medicine, or sleep you could ever have.

Last thing, it does not matter where you decide to meditate. Outdoors, indoors, laying down or standing up, you will have the same affect. Outdoor is no different from indoor. Because of you think about it, everything we use indoor was once a part of nature, no matter what it is, everything we use on a daily bases, from our Flat screen to computers and Carpet to laminate floors. All came from nature.

Anchoring Ascension Energy

While you are sitting wherever you are sitting during your meditation, understand that you need not “reach for” and then “pull down” the ascension energy into your body for indeed it is not “out there” nor is it “up there”.

The ascension energy is all around you. The visualized image to have is that of allowing your body to ‘absorb’ the energy from around you. And it will do so upon your authorization. Visualize the energy filling your body “to overflowing”. Picture an aqua blue color energy. Then you infuse it into the planet that is beneath you, by picturing the energy pour out of your feet and into the earth. you are acting as an achor for these energies. Again, be aware of whenever your mind goes into its ‘off-focus’ state, bring it back to its ‘on-focus’ state and continue with the visualization. Again, this frequency of return process is natural for the mind, so relax and work with it.


Cobra Update

One of the biggest psychological blocks of the Cabal is their inferiority complex which they try to hide and mask with all that bragging about »bloodlines«. The inconvenient truth is that Cabal Khazar bloodlines originate from the primitive, crude, violent and less intelligent Neanderthal man, whereas the human masses evolved from more refined, balanced and more intelligent Cromagnon man..

Day of the Reset

(March 17th, 2015)
Posted: 06 Mar 2015 08:16 AM PST

As we are getting ready for the Event, we need to do the inner Reset.

The inner Reset means forgiveness of all debts, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. It means forgiveness to yourself and others. It will consequentially mean financial debt forgiveness when a critical mass of people realizes that we owe banksters nothing. It will consequentially mean the end of karma when a critical mass of people realizes that we spiritually owe Archons, gurus or God nothing:

Some people find it difficult forgiving the Cabal. True forgiveness to the Cabal can happen only after they are stopped in what they are doing. Before that, you can use your anger constructively by assisting in the planetary liberation process. Forgiving the Cabal will be easier if you understand that they are acting out of trauma they themselves have received in the past. After they are stopped, violence will solve nothing. Those who are un redeemable will go to the Galactic Central Sun for restructuring and the rest will feel their conscience giving them a really hard time when they finally realize what they have done:

Forgiveness is easy if you understand that everybody on this planet had some really traumatic experiences in this or any of the previous lifetimes. Each individual reacts upon those experiences in a unique way. To release the past and learn from it is the key to the new reality. We need to start focusing on how to make things work in the new society. Forgiveness will open a flow of cosmic Love upon the surface of this planet and this energy is exactly what the advanced extraterrestrial races need to anchor their ships here after the First Contact.

March 17th

On March 17th, at the last Uranus Pluto square, you can meditate in your own way and dedicate that day to forgive as much as possible and thus do an inner Reset.

We will not be having any global activations on that day, inner Reset happens in silence in the innermost chamber of your Heart.

This marks the completion of this Window of Opportunity. The progress of the Light forces towards the surface of the planet is such that no further Windows of Opportunity are needed to trigger the Event, although portal activations on certain dates may still be needed.

Since that day, we will actually be in one huge Window of Opportunity that will converge into the Event when the time is right. Anyway, complexity wave analysis shows that time frame between mid-March and the end of May is one of the times in the human history with most potential.

The Breakthrough is near!


image32image19image17image20image5image24image4image3image18image1 image16 image15 image14image11 image13 image12 image11

Good Night

Well I hope you enjoyed this issue of world of truth. As I said we have a couple years to prepare for the changes. They are going to be great and very exciting. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Thank you so much for the love and light. I am not sure how many more issues there will be. I follow my instincts when writing these articles and my instincts are telling me to write an article for the day of the event. I believe it will serve as a confirmation that the event is taking place and details on how to prepare. Remember, when the banks close for the day, the event is taking place. Don’t panic. Wait for the media to start showing what is really happening and enjoy the first taste of freedom. Peace and love to all of you beautiful souls. Connect to your spirit. Stay Focused and stay Happy. Know Thy Self

I am doing this because I know the average person is busy and doesn’t have time to search for answers like I have. I will give sources and pictures and answer any questions. I AM doing this freely. If you feel the need to donate, please donate to one of the charities we assist or choose a charity of your own and donate. All I ask is that you hear me out and make your own decisions. My goal is to make you think. That’s it! I promise you I won’t tell you anything I don’t know is truth. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do have a clear understanding of the entire picture. Over 20 years of searching for answers to questions like why are we here, who are we, where did we come from and where are we going. I have studied all major religions Western and Eastern and I have kept up with spiritual and scientific discoveries about us and about the universe over the years. I have always asked questions and followed my heart. I am connected with spirit. I don’t have a religion. I have a deep connection with Earth and I am one with God. I follow the laws of creation and I use the laws of nature to create my reality. I AM that I AM.

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  1. Love reading your articles, thank you so very much for taking your time to put this together for us, feeling like I’m the lucky one, peace love and light to all xx


    1. Kim thank you so much for you loving words. I AM so happy to be able to share this information the way I do. I AM so happy that you found it and recognized the knowledge as truth. Remember to Be happy and know thyself. This is your time to prepare for your future. Remember the future is not set in stone. We are changing it everyday. The view of the future i give is the path we are moving towards. It’s up to us to make it happen by changing things our selves. And change should start with in and poor outward. Have a great day. Peace and love!


      1. This is a beautiful website. Regardless of the spiritual beliefs or getting to know ETs or not getting to know, the tips you gave regarding meditation and all the other info on this control money system and it’s master/slave think, is so very valuable. You gave life experience and solutions for the humans on this planet. Much gratitude to you. ❤


      2. Thank your so much for saying that. It was my number one goal to state the situation, and actually give solutions to those situations. I thank you for noticing and for sharing your love. Im so happy you like it. I appreciate you looking past the spiritual and ET stuff. It’s all part of this world. It’s so funny how people will say that something is not possible, when they have no idea what is possible. We just woke up here one day and they have been telling us what to believe ever since. Never answering the important questions like who are we, why are we here and where are we going? Those have been my questions since I was a kid. Peace and love and thank you so much for your comment. Have a great day!


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